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Letters for Feb. 28, 2019

Maybe it’s not the teens


I read with sadness and frustration Mr. Eggert’s letter to the editor on Valentine’s Day. It seems to me that the issue Mr. Eggert is having is not with teenagers at all. Perhaps the reason no teen comes knocking on his door with offers to shovel his snow is his attitude toward teens in general. Who would want to work for a person who looks down on them and views them as lazy and without strong work ethics?

I have worked with teens on a daily basis for over 20 years in the this Valley and have found Mr. Eggert’s characterizations of them to be patently false. The several hundred teens that I come into contact with each week understand clearly that there is no such thing as a free lunch. They understand that hard work is what brings success.

There are exceptions to every rule, of course, but the vast majority of teens I see are responsible, dedicated, young adults. Teens, like all people I know, want to work where they can make the most money. I would suggest that teens are not filling the openings at the fast food establishments because they can get, or already have, better paying jobs elsewhere.

One final point. I seem to recall from my high school civics class that America was founded on the belief of self-sufficiency. People should be independent and take care of their own needs rather than relying on the help and assistance of others to get by. So be self sufficient: Mow your own grass and shovel your own snow. If one is unable to do that for whatever reason, then advertise for your job and offer a strong wage to entice people to fill it. This is the capitalistic model and it has served this nation very well for over 250 years.

Keith Cole


Thanks for supporting Sertoma Club


Thank you for your amazing generosity and participation in this year’s Carson Valley Coat Drive, sponsored by Carson Valley Sertoma Club.

The results were much more than we ever imagined. With your help, we collected and distributed 1,348 coats and sweaters, 72 blankets, 451 hats (many handmade), 153 pairs of mittens and gloves, 805 pairs of socks, 108 scarves, 157 pairs of pants, and 248 shirts.

In addition, we received many shoes, sleepwear, hand and foot warmers, crocheted slippers, and men’s and women’s work clothes. A number of people gave us cash with which we were able to purchase more hats, gloves, and socks.

Your kindness allowed us to give warmth to homeless and unemployed veterans, homeless and very low-income families, domestic violence victims, people in crisis, and school kids in need. The work clothes went to organizations that help those in our community who are trying to re-enter the work force, but don’t have the wardrobe to interview and start their new positions.

A hearty thanks also to the organizations throughout the Valley that allowed us to place our big blue barrels in their doorways. Supporting locations in Minden/Gardnerville were: C.O.D. Casino (our original backer), DST Coffee, Round Table Pizza, 7-Eleven on Tillman, Tractor Supply Co., Douglas County Senior & Community Center, Was-She-Shu Casino, Ace Hardware, Elks Lodge, and CoCoMoes Catering; and in Carson City: Guild Mortgage, Carson City Senior Center, 7-Eleven on Hwy 50, and 7-Eleven on N. Carson St. Please thank them when you see them.

The Carson Valley Sertoma Club is deeply grateful for your help in this worthwhile annual community project.

We look forward to working with you next fall on the 2019-20 Carson Valley Coat Drive.

Eileen Behr

Coat Drive Chair

Carson Valley Sertoma Club

Thanks to Buckaroos for memories


On the behalf of the Pearce family, we want to thank the owners and staff of Buckaroos for their outpouring of love and generosity by organizing an impromptu Potluck celebration commemorating Woody’s life. When I would visit from the east coast, Woody would always invite me to make the rounds of his favorite haunts in Gardnerville and Minden. Often, it would involve two or three bar-stops before arriving at Buckaroos. After Sharkey’s sold, Buckaroos became one of Woody’s favorite hangouts. He loved to catch up on all the gossip and to get into political discussions that could get us into some pretty heated exchanges. But we would always close out with a toast and mutual respect. Woody had an infectious smile that could win over almost anyone. For all those historic times that are now passed, we thank the Gardnerville and Minden communities and the staff and owners of Buckaroos for their generosity, love and fond memories that will remain always part of Nevada lore.

Joe Pearce


Sertoma thanks donors


Feb. 16 the Carson Valley Sertoma Club held its 10th annual Crab and Tri Tip dinner. We would like to thank all the people who attended and supported our event making it a great success. We especially want to recognize and thank our community donors who made the evening very interesting and entertaining with their generous contributions to our Raffle and Auction activity helping us raise over $6,000 for local charities. Thank you Atlantis, Battle Born Wine, Ben Nelson, Birding Under Nevada Sky, Borges Carriage and Sleigh Rides, Carson Valley Country Club, Carson Valley Golf Course, Carson Valley Inn & Casino, Empty Bowls, Genoa Golf Course, Hard Rock, Home Depot, Ironwood Cinemas, Jann Fargonoli of Mary Kay, Judy Koblitz, Julio’s, Montbleau, Naomi’s Pupuseria, Ron Bankofier, Shelby’s Book Shoppe, Tai Jasmine, Tom Springmeyer, UNR Wolfpack and Zephyr Cove Resort.

Joe Cooke


What’s the attraction?


I am puzzled; why do millions of ‘Evangelical Christians’ continue to support Donald Trump, a man who has repeatedly trashed the Ten Commandments, shredded the Golden Rule and violated nearly every tenet of human decency? I eagerly await enlightenment.

John O’Neill


Medicare for all not the best route


Democrats on the national stage, and right here in Nevada continue to pound the drum of “Medicare for All.” They maintain that it is more just, more equal, a kinder, gentler, more efficient way to provide healthcare.

Is it?

Certainly multiple arguments can be made as to the ultimate failure of such a system. Poor care, long wait times, higher rates of morbidity and mortality. As a surgeon I did a rotation in Head and Neck Cancer in Darby, England, so I am familiar with the nightmare that is the National Health System in the UK.

But for purposes of this article, I would like to concentrate on one aspect of “Medicare of All.” Is it moral? What are the ethical dilemmas of such a system?

Currently under our system of private health insurance our healthcare decisions are our own. In elderly parents that need to be cared for in their twilight years, the health decisions are made by the patient, and family. Health issues with a developing fetus, or new born child are addressed by the parents, and the family, aided by a caring family physician, or specialist. So ultimately, what are these healthcare decisions based on? They are based on love, pure and simple.

Do you believe that your parent can still have a quality of life? Do you want their life to continue a while longer? Do they? Do you feel that you want to raise a special needs child? These are personal, difficult decisions based on love and affection for your family member.

What happens when the government runs healthcare? What happens when the societal costs soar, and the healthcare system approaches bankruptcy? Which it certainly will do, and quite quickly I might add. What decisions will the government make? What will be the basis for the decisions of a government run system? It won’t be love, it will be cost.

Once “society is paying,” then government will tell you that you can’t keep granny alive any longer, she is costing the system too much money. You can’t go ahead and have that child, the child will cost the system too much money. The choice for your own healthcare and the healthcare of your family will be taken away from you. It will be replaced by a cold calculating accountant in a government office miles and miles away from the bedside of your loved one.

Think this can’t happen? Remember under Obamacare, if you had a stroke at 72 … no treatment. That was the neurosurgical guideline. Cold and calculating seems a kind description of “Medicare for All.” My description would be heartless and immoral.

Edward Gray DMD, MD


Sisolak demonstrates his arrogance


Remember when Obama was president, we were told that, even if we didn’t respect the man, to respect the office? Gov. Sisolak’s boycotting of several events at the recent meeting of the National Governors Association in Washington, D.C., disrespects the office and demonstrates his arrogance and partisanship.

Sisolak’s decision is supposedly in protest to the Department of Energy’s secret shipment of weapons-grade plutonium to a facility north of Las Vegas. However, instead of waiting for a written response from the administration, refusing to attend certain events, and snubbing the president (and the office) in the process, why not take advantage of a possible opportunity to address these concerns in person?

Sisolak needs to remember that neither he, nor anyone in his administration, was elected by a big margin and he serves and represents all Nevadans not just Democrats or those organizations to whom he is indebted.

Steve and Kathy Coleson