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Letters for Feb. 1, 2017

New well rules a threat to Nevadan’s water rights


Senate Bill 47 has already been proposed and submitted to the Nevada Senate Committee on Natural Resources, even before they meet on Monday.

In addition, several other water related bill draft requests have been or may be considered.

My opinion and concern, based on these and other proposals considered last year by an interim committee, is that the State Legislature may delegate the unelected, appointed State Engineer expanded dictatorial authority to unilaterally severely limit or destroy private domestic well owning citizens’ rights to their own water, including but not limited to, directing government assistants and authorized agents to:

1. Trespass on your private property and force you, against your will, to have a meter installed on your domestic well at your expense.

2. Spy on your well use and prohibit you from using your own water anywhere on your own property that is outside your house for your grass, trees, flowers, plants, animals, or any other outside watering.

3. Trespass on your private property, plug your domestic well, and force you, against your will, to connect to government or private water pipes, if water can be furnished to the site by a political subdivision of the State or certain public utilities, with no limit on the cost to you of this connection or the expense of the metered water service. Section13 of proposed SB47 removes the prior legal requirements that, in order for the State Engineer to require the plugging of a domestic well: the domestic well must have been drilled on or after July 1, 1981; and the charge for making the connection to the water service must be less than $200.

4. Trespass on your private property, read the meter installed against your will, and fine you if your domestic well pumps more than one half acre-foot annually (down from 2 acre-feet).

5. Limit the depth of any domestic well, even if a new or reconditioned well needs to be deeper to access water.

6. Prohibit the reconditioning or re-drilling of any domestic well.

Do these and other, in my opinion, draconian, atrocious provisions of Senate Bill 47, additional bill draftss, and legislative proposals remind you of the assault on private citizens’ rights by the oppressive governments of Nazi Germany or the former Soviet Union?

Are you considering emailing/writing your state senator, representative and governor in opposition to SB47 and any other BDRs limiting your rights to your own water?

Would you like existing laws limiting your rights to your domestic well water eliminated?

Can you attend the rally in front of the State Capitol at 9 a.m. Monday, Feb. 6 (nevadawellscooperative.org)?

Roger Adams


Enjoyed time on school board


For the last 12 years it has been my honor to serve as a member of the Douglas County School Board.

My husband Juan Guzman and I have lived in the Carson Valley since 1987.

Our children attended school in Douglas County. As both a parent and School Board member, I have seen firsthand the challenges associated with meeting the varied needs of our student population and the incredible effort put forth by staff to help every child succeed.

My belief in the value of our public education system and the importance of community service are what prompted me to run for school board.

It has truly been a privilege to give back to the school district and community that I love. I am proud of the facility improvements that have been made to Gardnerville and Piñon Hills Elementary Schools as well as Douglas High School.

The new Science Technology Engineering and Math center at DHS enables our students to be prepared for 21st Century career opportunities.

Another highlight has been the establishment and recent accreditation of our alternative high school, All Students Pursuing Integrity Responsibility and Education Academy.

Family engagement has also expanded through the Food for Thought nights at the elementary level and the Parent Expos at the middle schools.

Furthermore, our District graduation rate is 88.5 percent, which is 15 percent above the statewide average and more than 5 percent above the national average.

These accomplishments would not be possible without the hard work and dedication of our entire staff.

All of the District employees play an important role including our teachers, counselors, librarians, nutrition, transportation and maintenance workers, site office staff and administrators, districtwide administrators and office staff in human resources, business and education services, information technology, professional development and special services.

Some of my favorite memories as a School Board member are attending the employee recognition ceremonies.

The Douglas County Education Foundation sponsors the annual Teacher of the Year Awards. Teachers from each school site are nominated by their peers for this special acknowledgment.

The activities undertaken by these educators, who go above and beyond for their students, are truly inspiring.

In 2016 our District teacher of the year, Pam Ertel, was selected as the Nevada Teacher of the Year, further demonstrating the caliber of our staff.

In addition, there is an annual recognition ceremony for the Classified Employee of the Year.

These employees are also nominated by their peers and honored at a lovely ceremony conducted by Human Resources staff at Minden Park.

The rationale behind each of their nominations is shared with the group and it is so amazing to hear the positive impact they have on our students.

Although I will miss these very rewarding experiences, I know the District is in good hands. The Board and staff will continue to ensure that our students obtain an excellent education. What better way to safeguard our success as a society than through the education of our youth?

Teri Jamin


What kind of

world we live in


Children. children. Quiet please. Its time for a lesson in reality. Lets start with claim by Democrats that when Trump lost there would be riots and violence in the street. Good call, except it wasn’t Trump supporters, it was Hilary fans.(Democrats have taken the high road, Stay classy Dems.)

The claim that Hilary was/is an advocate of women’s rights was a vision seen through rose colored glasses. The fact is that Hilary for years enabled one of the most public sexual predators – her husband Bill who had oral sex in the Oval Office. Not once did she chastise him publicly or divorce him. I don’t believe it was because it was for love or the children.

More likely, it was his political capital as a governor, former governor, president and former president which would give her political ambitions more credibility.

One of my favorite quotes is from Jack Nicholson’s Joker: (The Joker: [fuming] Batman… Batman… Can somebody tell me what kind of a world we live in, where a man dressed up as a *bat* gets all of my press? This town needs an enema! )

The Joker almost got it right, he should of said “This country needs an enema!”

And I think we just got one with the election of Donald Trump. If he stands by his statements on congress, they’ll have to put up or shut up.

Hopefully it’s no longer politics as usual.

The question, students, is did congress get the message that the people are fed up with business as usual?

David Tune