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Letters for Dec. 9

The Douglas High School student section erupts in a pink powder bomb Thursday night at the kickoff of the Tigers-Senators game at Keith Roman Field in Minden on Oct. 30.
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Thanks for your support


Words can not express my gratitude and heartfelt thanks to all that came out to support the Masquerade Ball hosted by Trimmer Outpost on Nov. 21, 2015. Having been in the food and beverage Industry for all of my life, I truly know what is involved in putting together a fundraising event like this, and for all that participated in putting it together, It is with my whole heart that my family thanks you.

Cancer has thrown me a few curveballs in this life. In 2013, I accepted a breast cancer diagnosis in the midst of a great industry career in food and beverage and … as my fellow professionals will relate, the show went on, as is so common when we work doing something that we truly love. Mine became a story of hope in getting through the surgeries and chemo and radiation that comes hand and hand with breast cancer. I was well enough to hostess fundraising events like this of my own, for women battling this deadly disease, and my life had come full circle. This past September, getting that horrific phone call again, too soon, and much more aggressive this time, it stopped me in my tracks. It consumed my party and event planning calendar with an aggressive chemo regimen and hospital procedure schedule and once again robbed me of so much. Life, the show, will however endure. I have accepted the new normal that comes with a metastatic breast cancer diagnosis. The great friends I have made in Genoa and in the community that came to me as first responders in this time of need with a fundraiser that is just my style is more flattering than I could ever explain. For the generous collection of money at this event, for the great effort at amazing costumes and mask. A silent auction that was wonderfully successful. From the Town Hall to the Ranch One Family that has been one of the greatest sources of my strength for years, The Genoa Community Church … For the behind the scenes, and the front lines, none of it goes unrecognized. Thanking you will never seem like enough.

When cancer, God Willing, fades into the distance of my life, and meaningful work for me may be able to continue, please know that I will never forget this wonderful night. It is in moments like these when getting together with friends, and laughing over masks that I can take a minute to escape, and regroup, and continue with each new next day knowing that there is a community of supportive, and compassionate people behind me, holding my hand and walking beside me through it. Genoa, the Trimmer Outpost Kitchen, specifically, has been a great escape for me for years and years. May it continue … in every pie, and Christmas tree and special event that happens on the property and in this beautiful town. This great fundraiser will allow for me to receive evaluation and treatment with specialists that had been tugging at my heartstrings through this having three young children. It will cover living expenses when I was forced to stop working without even a weeks notice, and it will allow me as a mother to trust that I will be OK. My children will be OK, and new normal, in the form of leaving no stone unturned to endure stage 4 cancer will find a place of great healing in my life so that the celebrations will continue forever. Thank you, Genoa. From the bottom of my heart.

Angela Stockert