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Letters for Dec. 5, 2019

Teddy Carlson-McKone, Brian Fitzgerald, Sheryl Christian, Scott Morgan, Animal Rescue Relay's Heidi Neilson and Dennis McDuffee
Tara Addeo

VFW Post 8583 thankful for Buddy Poppy drive help


Once again VFW Post 8583 would like to thank the generous folks of Carson Valley for making our Veterans Day Buddy Poppy drive very successful. Through your donations we are able to distribute to the Veterans Guest House in Reno, Honor Flight Nevada, Sally Wiley’s boxes to service people around the world, Wreaths Across America, local Cub Scout Troop 8583, the local Elks Hall, and of course, any veteran in need. We also appreciate Smith’s Food and Walmart for allowing space at their businesses. Another thanks to Boy Scout Troop 495 along with their Scoutmaster Debbie Wood for surprising us at our last meeting with bags of caramel corn as their way of showing gratitude for our service. Thanks again and we always need and welcome new members. Our meetings are at the Elks Hall on Kimmerling Drive on the second Thursday of each month at 7 p.m.

Keep up the good work, Carson Valley.

Tom McManus

VFW Post 8583

Unfair to county seat to host meetings at lake


This past Thursday at the county commissioners meeting at Lake Tahoe, it was revealed that the county is paying $50,000 a year annually to the Lake Tahoe Visitors Authority for conducting BOCC meetings. The county also is reimbursing LTVA $35K annually for the lease of space within the transit facility — a total of $85,000. Unbelievable. This information came to light when a motion was made by Commissioner John Engels that all commissioner meetings be conducted at our Minden county seat. He suggested the termination of the contract with LTVA. The transit building actually is privately owned and is not the property of the LTVA, but rather subleased by them.

The rental payment to LTVA is for space only since the county provides all audio equipment that is set up by county staff who travel to LTVA in advance of the meeting … not to mention limited seating space for the public within the facility.

Two county facilities are available in the vicinity of the transit building … the Tahoe Judges building and the Kahle Community Center, both of which could be obtained without cost to the county since we already own both. So why and how did these apparent agreements come to pass?

Another question: why do we continue to hold BOCC meetings at Lake Tahoe? At one time, our county population actually was centered at Lake Tahoe, yet today, less than 15% of our citizens live in the Lake Tahoe township. Citizens living in the township would argue they wish to be considered equal to the rest of the county and sometimes feel like stepchildren. They would argue that the township contributes disproportionate revenues to our county general fund. However, I contend that you can’t have it both ways: if you truly wish to have equal access to county government, then all citizens should go to the same place, the county seat — Minden.

It was suggested that we move BOCC meetings to other county locations throughout the year. This would aggravate the situation because (1) most other locations do not have adequate space, (2) staff would be forced to spend time, effort, and money transporting and setting up support equipment, and (3) many members of the public would be forced to travel to unfamiliar locations.

Engels ultimately brought this issue to our attention and to county staff. Yet he has been maligned and denigrated by full page ads and letters to the editor. Why have these fee amounts been hidden, and why didn’t county staff bring forward this information before now? Is it possible that folks are trying to run Engels out “on a rail” because he is asking the hard questions? Do we potentially have another “Tiregate” on our hands? For what purpose has LTVA been using these excessive rental fees while other community entities can rent the facility for far less than $4,000 for a one-day event? This issue demands the scrutiny of the county Audit Committee.

Anne Kinsey Goldy


Engels behavior shouldn’t be tolerated


This is in response to the political ads that have been running in The Record-Courier and the public discourse that is taking place. It saddens me to see the division that has happened in the Republican Party in Douglas County especially in the Board of Commissioners.

Civil conversation, listening to the people’s concerns and discussing the possibilities have gone by the wayside. Just like in our country the division is evident. A house divided cannot stand. That was shown in the last election when Nevada became a blue state and we are suffering the consequences of that election for conservative causes.

I wasn’t aware that each Board of Commissioners meeting is available to view. When I found the link on Douglas County website, I watched the whole video of the Nov. 7 meeting where Mr. Engels interrupted and attacked a woman who was expressing her concern and giving her opinion. It was appalling to me that a man in his position could perceive that the woman was attacking him personally. The way he acted in anger was not appropriate and should not be tolerated. Every person should feel safe when they express an opinion at a public meeting. I think she handled herself better than I would under the circumstances. She said nothing about him but was stating her reasons why she was in favor of the Park development. She had valid points about the number of homes that could be built in a year and that the growth would be gradual, not all at once. There is a need for housing for people who work in our valley.

The Park family have been good stewards of this area and by hard work and commitment have made a success of their stewardship. Now they would like to use some of their vast holdings to build homes. As I understand, an agreement about the Muller Parkway was made years ago and our county did not complete their part of the agreement. Now the Park Company is negotiating a new deal. In all negotiations there is give and take and compromises to be made.

We all love the rural atmosphere of the valley and want to keep that rural aspect. But we also have to understand that the pioneers that developed and lived in the valley for years also have rights to benefit their family’s future by being able to negotiate deals that include their holdings and their rights. These pioneers and settlers love the valley as much, or more, than newcomers do. It would be good to work for the good of all the people living in this area.

The sky is not falling, and the valley will not be ruined. Property values are on the rise. The few homes on the market are selling fast and still many people cannot find rentals, let alone homes to purchase. It seems selfish to only want what is good for a certain contingent. We all need to live and work together.

Rita Hill


Like to hear from the school board


The introduction to the Douglas County Master Plan reads, “The Master Plan, or Comprehensive Plan, is required by Nevada Revised Statutes (Chapter 278.150) for the purpose of providing long-term guidance on the development of cities, counties, and regions in Nevada.”

While it is not specifically stated, I feel the Master Plan, like most laws, rules and regulations, is meant to be of benefit to the general public. I feel, in keeping with this intent, any change to the Master Plan, or any law, has to be considered on the basis of the impact it will have on the citizens. If a proposed change is not shown to be beneficial to the general public it should not be approved.

Liz Miller’s article in the Nov. 21, 2019 issue of the Record-Courier points out that for each of the 2,500 proposed unit the school district will receive $1,600. Doing the math this means a total of $4 million for the school district. If only a third of the 2,500 units has only one child of school age this will mean an increase to the student population of approximately 850 students. The 2013 high school expansion project cost $17.9 million and did not require any land purchase.

It would be interesting to hear from the school board as to their thoughts on the financial impact of the proposed change to the Master Plan.

Sandy Deyo


Streetlights belong elsewhere


If you are concerned about retaining the beauty of the Carson Valley take a ride, preferably in late evening, through the Mack Ranch Development. The streetlights you see there were not in the approved original design. This streetlight would better serve an industrial area not a residential area. I was told this same streetlight will be used in the development near Minden Elementary School. I guess that makes it right.

Doris Betts


Best traffic stop, ever


A couple of days ago I was pulled over by a Douglas County deputy. It is the first time for 50 years. I was cruising down Waterloo toward Centerville Lane like I do so often when I saw him sitting on the side of the road. The minute I passed he did a sharp U-turn and got in behind me, following a little close I thought, perhaps he needed a donut really bad. He stayed on my tail, a little too close I thought so I kept tapping my brakes as I always to remind someone they are following too close. He was undeterred and unimpressed with my brake trick. He stayed right on me and even followed me into Aspen Park where I live. Then he hit the lights. I shrunk down in my seat to try to hide from all my neighbors. Here he came. It really was me he wanted. He had a big smile when he came to the window and said “I’m not here to give you a ticket, I am here to educate you.” Then he asked me if I knew the speed limit on Waterloo, I didn’t. He told me it was 25 mph and that I was going 37 mph. Didn’t seem very fast to me but he said it was. I told him I was just staying with the traffic which he said were going too fast also. He was so kind and gentlemanly I was impressed. I didn’t get a ticket but when he told me how much a ticket would cost I told him I would watch all the speed limits in town from now on. It seems like you are crawling at 25 mph but a law is a law. I intend to watch my posted speed limits a lot closer now since it is so easy to get complacent in our daily activities. I was relieved I didn’t get a ticket and was so appreciative of his kindness. When he came up behind me at first I expected him to yell “Out of the car, hands on roof.” After all, watch Cops on TV. I couldn’t have been more wrong. So I say, please folks slow down. I appreciate the good that our sheriff’s office members do. Let’s cooperate with them. They have a lot of other things to do.

Judie Hartwick


Thanks so much for your support


We want to publicly acknowledge the much needed help provided by Jim Peckham and his staff at FISH in Carson, Minden, and the Ranchos. They have provided warm clothing and necessities to help individuals on their release from Douglas County jails in Minden and Stateline. We have been blessed with help from our church, VCF, as well as citizens and employees of the county and DCSO. Blessings and much gratitude. Could not do it without you all.

Marty and Barbara Furry


Amodei should protect election integrity


The facts are clear. If you agree that it’s just fine for foreigners to have a say in who becomes our nation’s president, then do nothing, or look the other way.

If you want American voters alone to determine which candidate wins, then contact U.S. Rep. Mark Amodei now and tell him you support, and he had better prove his patriotism by supporting, Trump’s immediate impeachment and removal.

Let Amodei know that election integrity is essential to our democracy and it’s his job to finally speak up and protect it.

Lisa Foley

Zephyr Cove

Support President Trump


Why is it that every one seems to be against our President Donald Trump? Yes, I’m talking about you, the American people, the Democrats, the Republican RINOs and the younger generation who have no respect to call themselves an American. Trump may not be the best president, but let me tell why he is the only president that can and will save the United States of America.

And this is why the Democrats and the Republican rinos are getting nervous about Trump being re-elected in 2020. Its about unholy dynamics between big government, big business, and big media. They all get filthy rich and the American people get ripped off. The politicians of both parties, the media, the biggest fake news stations, and corporations of America are getting scared and are threatened and frightened. Trump has them in a panic. This is why the Democrats and the Republican RINOs are trying to keep Trump out of the 2020 election.

Most of the politicians talk big by creating a fake impeachment in Congress, but that won’t change a thing. They are all big money donors, they are owned by lobbyists, lawyers, and big oil companies. Trump doesn’t need any help, he doesn’t care what the media says, and he doesn’t care what the corporate elites think. This is why Trump is a huge threat to those people. Trump can ruin everything for the bribed politicians and their slave masters. Have you ever wondered why the GOP has never tried to impeach Obama, or don’t you wonder why Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff all talk big, but never actually tried to stop Obama and Hillary.

Congress holds the purse strings, and has never tried to de-fund Obamacare or take any action on illegal aliens. It’s all about impeachment. The Democrats are petrified of losing the election, and are scared to even criticize Trump on impeachment, or find any crime to have him removed from offices. Trump will break up this nice cozy relationship between big government, big fake news media and big business. If Trump is re-elected all rules are out the window.

Trump questioned relations with Mexico about the wall, and yes the wall is being built and the border will be protected, and yet the illegal aliens still commit violent crimes. He will question why our trade deals with Mexico, Canada, China are a must to get Congress to approve. Trump will wake up a sleeping giant. The Democrats’ Congress has committed to do nothing but talk about impeachment, and no one but our president would dare or hesitate to prosecute those who have committed a crime.

Once Trump is re-elected and becomes president in 2020, the game is over, and a few people could wind up in prison. Trump will keep our nation on the right track. Like Trump said: “Let’s keep America great.” This is why we the people need to get out and vote for the only president that might, just might, save America. Or do you want four years of socialism?

John Damann