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Letters for Dec. 18, 2015

Time to focus on caucus


The Nevada Republican caucus, scheduled for Feb. 23, 2016, is Nevadan’s only opportunity to vote for a Republican presidential candidate. Douglas County Republicans now should focus on the steps that can be taken to enhance turnout and efficiency. Get in touch with our Douglas County Republican Central Committee if you would like to volunteer to help out. Contact information can be obtained at DouglasGOP.org.

If you know active Nevada military and their families stationed out of Nevada advise them that they can request absentee ballots. Nevada is the first caucus state to make absentee ballot voting available to out-of-state military. Transportation to a caucus location can be offered to a neighbor requiring that assistance.

A recent letter to the editor addressed past inadequacies with the caucus process. Some points set forth were in error, however, and they will be corrected below.

(1) A caucus does not favor one segment of the party over the others. Any Republican who has registered to vote no later than February 12, 2016 can participate.

(2) Registered voters are invited to stop by the caucus location designated for his or her precinct. These locations, which will be published in the Record Courier and posted on other sources, are just as convenient as would be the case for a primary.

(3) There is no requirement that individuals remain at their caucus location for 4 hours. They may drop by their caucus locations any time between 5 and 9 p.m. simply to cast their votes.

(4) They may choose to remain longer and engage in argument and discussion regarding the candidates on the ballot.

(5) They also may stay to participate in the Precinct Meeting which will be held at each location. During this segment precinct members will elect delegates to the March 26, 2016, Douglas County GOP Convention. They also will discuss and debate the county platform and its planks.

Whether a primary is a better candidate selection device than is a caucus is a matter of legitimate debate. However, our caucus cannot be turned into a primary before February 23. Concerns about the caucus can be addressed in a timely fashion to the 2017 Nevada Legislature.

Mary Porter


Suggested rules for solar plant


1. Solar electric power plants, new transmission towers, battery stations, new relay stations, new transformers, and inverters will not be located west of the Douglas County Transfer Station at the end of Pinenut Road or within 3 miles of any private residence(s).

2. Solar electric power plants, new transmission towers, battery stations, new relay stations, new transformers, and inverters will not be visible or audible from Kingsbury Grade, US 395 North, US 395 South, Jacks Valley Road, Highway 88, Genoa Lane, 206, 207, Muller Lane, Historic Minden, Genoa, or downtown Gardnerville.

3. All electric power generated by solar electric power plants within Douglas County will be dedicated to Douglas County residents. Nevada solar electric power will not be provided to California or any state other than Nevada.

4. Solar electric power plants, new transmission towers, battery stations, new relay stations, new transformers, and inverters will not be located on property currently or previously (as of January 1, 2012) zoned as agricultural/residential A-19 or zoned as residential, such as R-5 and R-10.

5. The completion of all environmental impact and wildlife impact studies required for Federal land will be required for private land, verifying no adverse impact on the environment or wildlife by the construction and operation of the solar power plant, prior to any industrial solar project approval by the Planning Commission or BOCC.

6. The location of solar electric power plants, new transmission towers, battery stations, new relay stations, new transformers, and inverters will not conflict with the Douglas County Master Plan, Open Space and Agricultural Lands Preservation Implementation Plan, or BOCC initiated Valley Vision Plan, including but not limited to visual resource protection goals.

7. All new electric power transmission lines required for the construction or operation of any solar electric power plants will be placed underground on Douglas County, State of Nevada, or federal land.

R. Adam


Thanks for continued support


The Minden Elementary School PTO would like to thank the Minden/Gardnerville communities for their continued support of our annual walkathon fundraiser. The annual walkathon is our primary fundraiser, and the funds raised will be used to purchase schoolwide amenities for the children including yearbooks, field trips and reading and science programs. In addition to the schoolwide opportunities and supplies, a portion of the funds that were raised will be distributed back to the classrooms.

Thank you to all this year’s participants, especially the participating children and families of MES, the MES teachers and school staff, and all PTO volunteers who make this event possible and fun every year.

We wish to extend a heartfelt thank you to all the generous individuals and businesses who sponsored our walkathon this year. A big thank you to Carson Valley Medical Center for your generous donation of water bottles and healthy snacks, for each child, and volunteers to work the water table for the children, Carson Valley Swim Center for the donation of swim passes, used as prizes for fundraising efforts, Carson Valley Veterinary Hospital, Battleborn Holsters, and Building Control Specialists for your monetary donations and continued support of our school community.

Danni Reid

on behalf of the MES PTO and the

entire Minden Elementary School community


All the staff and employees of the Towns of Minden, Gardnerville and Douglas Disposal would like to send a big, warm thank you to all of our friends and neighbors who donated to our recent Holiday Food Drive. During the week of Dec. 7, 2015, together we collected over 11,000 lbs of food and other needed items, plus over $400, all of which was delivered to the Carson Valley Community Food Closet. Dozens of bags were left in all our neighborhoods or delivered to the business offices.

Douglas Disposal and the Towns would also like to thank all of our employees for their tremendous efforts. Special thanks to Jon and David Park with Park Ranch for allowing Douglas Disposal to use their scales and storage facility during the food drive.

The generous hearts of the Carson Valley are part of what makes this such a special place to live. Many thanks go out to everyone for their generous contributions. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all.

Jennifer Ward

Douglas Disposal