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Letters for Aug. 6, 2020

Demand more from elected officials


I sit in horror and sadness as I watch the reports of the numbers of Americans who have died from the coronavirus. These are not just numbers on a chart, these are over 150,000 (and counting) individuals with names and personal stories who have lost their lives to this pandemic. It is beyond comprehension that we have reached this level of failure to provide for the safety and wellbeing of our citizens in the United States. It should be totally unacceptable to every single American that, in our nation of unlimited resources, technology and prosperity, we do not have the competence and ability to roll up our sleeves and defeat this pandemic. We need to start to act as one nation if we want to defeat this scourge. We need a national vision and a cogent national plan for our health, safety and economic wellbeing. And, we need the President and the Federal government to step up to their responsibility to lead our nation during this time of crisis. It’s time to demand more from our elected officials at the highest level of government.

Donna Weidner


Making our country better


Some like to show their patriotism by waving a flag. Others do it by standing up to injustice and demanding justice for all.

Our country has decided to evolve not devolve. For the last 60 years this country has tackled the shames our ancestors preferred to keep hidden. Shame demands change. Drunkenness, incest, child abuse, spousal abuse etc. have been brought to the light of day to be changed and healed.

Currently we are being asked to address institutional entrenched shames of racism and chauvinism. Some refuse to acknowledge the fundamental reason for the BLM movement which is the lives of Blacks matter. If you cannot realize how little a black man’s life mattered when an officer suffocated him with a knee on his neck and hands in his pockets, totally disregarded the pleas of George Floyd and the bystanders, then you cannot understand the rage of those who do.

You are more likely to deflect by focusing on the value of the property damaged than the value of a life. Or talk about respect that is earned when lack of civility has become a crisis in our country up to the highest office of our land. Or point out other ills in our society so you don’t have to acknowledge shame and thus change.

Evangelicals and the alt right voice the desire for everyone to go back to an idealized time where everyone knew their place… when women were subject to men and Blacks were submissive to whites. How many of you deafened our ears with your silence when Christopher David, a Navy veteran, was viciously beaten by Trump’s unidentified militia as he courageously stood without defending himself? Did you think the police were respectful when they felt entitled to beat him without provocation? Did you deafen our ears with silence when a congresswoman was called a f-ing b-h by a congressman? Do you politicize entrenched institutional racism and chauvinism so you can deflect shame or are you willing to own it and feel remorse for your part in enabling its continuance? This is a humanitarian problem. It is an unwillingness to own shame an unwillingness to change that keeps it in place.

Wisdom comes from being able to see the bigger picture without losing sight of the little picture. It comes from paying more attention to where we are going than where we have been. We are moving into healing entrenched institutional shames of racism and chauvinism. It’s a huge shift of consciousness. There is a backlash of fear and terrorism attempting to stop it. People trying to address those shames are not terrorists. They love their country. Terrorists are the ones trying to stop a future where those shames no longer exist. Patriots are those who have the courage to right wrongs and make our country better than it’s ever been.

Joan Costa


Stand up for America


Mr. Engle has educated many of the uneducated readers of this paper with his well researched piece on the BLM front/foundation. There are those who obviously didn’t view hour after hour the mayhem in the cities of Minneapolis, New York City, Atlanta, Washington, D.C., Seattle, Portland, in the name of BLM. I cried and gasped as I watched BLM and Antifa folks, men and women, boys and girls, loot, torch, businesses and churches. Axes smashed boarded up buildings. Hammers and skateboards smashed large store front windows. I cried out. “Where are the police?” Nowhere to be found. Not called in to stop the carnage? Instructed to stand down by the local political authorities? No, no, stop this insanity fellow, Americans!”

Daytime protestors are not all peaceful demonstrators. Have you seen the beautiful white women scream obscenities in the faces and ears of black cops, white cops, Asian cops, in the name of BLM? Have you seen the children carrying their BLM signs while their parents spray paint graffiti on building after building? Peaceful protesting … defacing our cities.

It takes a lot of money to supply those large wooden pallets with bricks, hundreds of frozen water bottles, fireworks, night after night. Mr. Engle acknowledged the generous donations of Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston to BLM. Peaceful protesting.…destroying our cities.

Portland: Abducting protestors into unmarked vehicles by plain clothesmen? NO! Lawmen are apprehending suspected arsonists, looters, destructors. They aren’t in cop cars that would be targeted with Molotov cocktails hurled by BLM and Antifa militants. Brave cops are defending the federal courthouse in Portland. Very serious injuries have been inflicted upon these courageous men and women as they try to protect their homeland. Our country.

The “feel good philosophy” of BLM has long degenerated into a militant BLM. Believe it. Mr. Engle again challenges thinking people. Learn from it. That is what education is all about. Then willingly stand up for America.

Carol Wentzel


Black Lives Matter prejudicial


We spent the last 10 days of July 2020 on an Indian reservation in Arizona, yes it was hot. We had been informed that the Douglas County Library might take action to adopt or support “Black Lives Matter.” In addition, they would potentially support the idea of defunding Douglas County Sheriff Office. I have always felt the phrase “Black Lives Matter” was a prejudicial statement, especially as we were on an Arizona Indian Reservation. With that, I decided to 1st visit “Black Lives Matter” website and then investigate there specific agenda.

I was surprised, I did not understood there true meaning and wondered if others really did? To get an overview try viewing “Black Lives Matter” or BLM on You Tube as a reference; “BLM’s Leftist Agenda Has Little to Do With Black Lives | The Heritage Foundation” I would encourage you all to do your own research and I believe you to will discover BLM leaders encourage Marxism behavior. Below is a quote that was posted by the New York Post.

“The goals of the Black Lives Matter organization go far beyond what most people think. But they are hiding in plain sight, there for the world to see, if only we read beyond the slogans and the innocuous-sounding media accounts of the movement.

The group’s radical Marxist agenda would supplant the basic building block of society — the family — with the state and destroy the economic system that has lifted more people from poverty than any other. Black lives, and all lives, would be harmed.

“Their’s is a blueprint for misery, not justice. It must be rejected.” NY Post

After researching, I now understand why this group has an agenda that wants to defund law enforcement across our county. I don’t understand the Douglas County Library’s role in this matter?

I have found our Sheriff Coverly to be more than protective of our community. As a matter of fact, I heard him speak early in July (last month) and I was overwhelmed. He was looking for a way to thank the residences of Douglas County for their kindness and support of his Deputy’s and supporting staff of the Sheriff’s Office. He truly is concerned of all of our residence’s welfare with promoting a safe and secure atmosphere here in our home. I truly believe we are blessed to have Sheriff Coverly and want to send a clear message to fund and support his office.

In conclusion, I guess for folks had it right down Arizona way.

All lives matter.

Timothy M DeTurk


Don’t support the Marxists


As educated people and county volunteers and employees you must be aware that the three founders of BLM (Patrisse Cullors, Alicia Garza and Opal Tomiti) are professed Marxists. In 2016 Patrice Cullors is directly quoted as saying that “she and her fellow organizers are Trained Marxists”. Further, Cullors is on record saying that their goal is to remove Trump from office: “Trump not only needs to not be in office in November, but he should resign now. Trump needs to be out of office. He is not fit for office. And so, what we are going to push for is a move to get Trump out.” You have free access to this information as it is public knowledge. In light of these facts, how can you as Douglas County public representatives endorse this organization? I, as a library user and Minden resident, am appalled! “Virtue Signaling” may be appropriate amongst you, your friends and your personal acquaintances but has absolutely no place within the public domain.

David W. Sorokwasz


Don’t neuter law enforcement


For days on end in large cities across this country Black Lives Matter has been allowed to burn, loot and destroy property; public and private—while the world watched.

Where is the outrage? When did it become acceptable to destroy the property of innocents just because you’re angry? Why in God’s name are we calling this insanity a “peaceful protest?” And why are we neutering law enforcement when crime and homicide are on the rise since this all started?

BLM calls for the defunding of police because of “fundamental institutional racism” even though the data does not support that premise. Statistics from 2018 demonstrate that though just 13 percent of the population; blacks were responsible for 60 percent of robberies. In spite of this exposure, blacks were about a quarter of those killed by police last year. The numbers also support that a police officer is 18 ½ times more likely to be killed by black male than an unarmed black male is to be killed by a police officer.

BLM calls for reparations for the damage caused by slavery. The Civil Rights Act of 1964 prohibited discrimination in public places, provided for the integration of schools and other public facilities and made employment discrimination illegal. Affirmative Action granted special consideration (and advantage) to blacks. We can, should and have legislated equality under the law and in society in general. We cannot legislate a change of heart and the recent lawless behavior in the name of equality is not going to endear the perpetrators to their innocent victims.

According to the BLM website they are an “organization whose mission was to build local power and to intervene when violence was inflicted on black communities by the state and vigilantes.” Their indignation doesn’t seem to apply when violence is inflicted on blacks by other blacks or by BLM protesters. What about the black life of David Dorn, the retired police captain who was killed by protesters? Or of Davell Gardner, Jr., the one year old who was shot and killed while in his stroller; or Lorenzo Anderson shot and killed in Seattle’s Chop Zone? If black lives really matter to this organization why are they silent about these black lives?

The most common characteristic of the most dangerous cities in the country is that for decades, they have been run by liberal Democrats. Blacks hold influential positions in these cities and in spite of large and growing budgets, many of these cities often experience the poorest quality public education.

In a recently resurfaced video from 2015, Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrisse Cullors had this to say, “We actually do have an ideological frame. We are trained Marxists. We are super-versed on, sort of, ideological theories.” This should give anyone of any ethnicity pause; but especially those of faith. “The first requisite for the happiness of the people is the abolition of religion.” – Karl Marx.

Respecting the lives of all people and working to advance the underprivileged is an honorable endeavor. The American people are for the most part kind, generous and accepting. Those qualities are being exploited by an organization whose mission has very little to do with their name.

Susan Jeffrey


Sheriff, Librarian should lead dialogue


It is with an open heart and mind that I write this letter in response to your initial statement to our Douglas County Library Director, Amy Dodson and her staff. Your statement that your department wouldn’t respond to a 911 call from library staff was shocking and appalling. Therefore, my first thought was reactive. I shared with my husband my outrage by saying: “I don’t want to live in a community that doesn’t uphold and honor freedom of speech, justice for all including social justice which people of color do not receive fully in our society.” Then I realized my shocked reaction to your statement subsided. During that moment I again realized that all races have been conditioned to institutional racism from birth. We are all subject to this covert/subliminal blight. This blight has been here forever. We have the intelligence, the power and the ability and hopefully the willingness to change this disease and therefore, these injustices. In our Douglas County Community let’s show the way for peaceful protests for equality, equity and tolerance for all Americans. Let’s encourage our Public Library to write in its bylaws that all are welcome, that it stands with the Black Lives Matter Movement, freedom of speech, and what we write as a foundation for an esteemed institution.

Sheriff Coverley, you might consider heading up a community dialogue on some of these issues endemic to a just society and community? Dialogue would go a long way in healing some of the division your comments may have encouraged. There have been several major occurrences in this past year that demand ongoing dialogue. We might begin with the Pandemic that we all have experienced these past five plus months. An area that can be viewed in a positive light is our mutual caring and support of one another via the wearing of masks, social distancing, washing hands and sanitizing in other ways to prevent the spread of this deadly disease. It appears that the reactive nature of your initial statement can set up an “us and them” divisiveness … one is either for the Black Lives Matter Movement or for the Sheriffs Department. This approach incites fear and places folks in an ‘ I have to choose’ mode. We already have a society being fear driven from the Pandemic and it’s repercussions, i.e., death of loved ones, loss of millions of jobs and small businesses. These fears are all too real. This ‘us and them’ approach does not lead to dialogue and healing in an already divided community. If the Pandemic has shown us anything it has demonstrated we are all connected as human beings who can aid one another to prevent illness. It has connected our community not as affiliates of a particular political party, not as individuals with a particular religious belief or race … just as humans vulnerable to a deadly virus. We owe it to our community to make national news as a positive action, showing equal respect for social justice and your hard working Sheriffs Department. Let’s get on NBC, CNN as a community who turned this initial debacle around — to illustrate our unity towards our constitutional freedoms and respect for Public Libraries to speak their truth which is guaranteed by the First Amendment.) Respectfully submitted,

Arline Zeidler


Librarian should resign


Library Director Amy Dodson’s recent attempt to place a Diversity Statement, supporting #Black Lives Matter, on the Library Board of Trustees agenda was a serious error of judgement on her part. #Black Lives Matter is a Marxist organization and it is totally inappropriate to be placed on the Library Boards agenda and asking them to support it. The Library Director certainly is entitled to her opinions, however, expressing political views, publicly, while on the job is out of line and should be grounds for her resignation or removal.

We wholeheartedly support Douglas County Sheriff Coverley and all the outstanding men and women in the Sheriff’s Office.

Robert and Valarie Nunes


Mistakes on both sides


I suspect most residents here share my disappointment that two public officials have brought one of the many divisions that plague our nation home to Douglas County. And that, as I do, they value the services of both our library and Sheriff’s department.

Here is what I’d like to see from these two individuals.

The library should be an apolitical source of information. Ideally, we could learn about both black and blue lives at the library, and why they matter.

The librarian should acknowledge that a mistake was made by inserting language about supporting a particular political movement in her draft policy and apologize. We should also be told what actions are being taken to assure that no one perceives library services as somehow tied to a certain political perspective.

The Sheriff should do the same. I think we all agree that the language in the last paragraph of his letter, to the effect that the library needn’t bother calling 911, was wrong. The Sheriff should state forthrightly that he made a mistake and apologize.

He should also explain the steps being taken to assure that his staff, 911 dispatch and the public know that there is no political test applicable to obtaining law enforcement services here, that they are available to all on an equal basis regardless of personal characteristics or political beliefs.

Finally, this would be a good time for county government as a whole to reaffirm that its services are rendered impartially to all in the community who need them. “Less politics, more service” wouldn’t be a bad slogan for county government.

Mistakes were made. Those responsible should admit and correct them so that we as a community can move forward. Together.

Terry Burnes


What was librarian thinking?


Douglas County Library Director Amy Dodson, it is so unfortunate and so heartbreaking what you have done to Douglas County and its good people by bringing your personal political views to your work place, our public library.

It would have been nice if instead of reflexively showing support for the marxist anarchist group known as Black Lives Matter you would have done a little summer reading of their actual platform!

Your virtue signaling of a diversity draft was completely unnecessary and obviously divisive. It would’ve been nice if you left your leftist ideology in California.

In case you don’t have time for summer reading here it’s just a few points from their platform: viciously anti-American and anti-Semitic, anti-nuclear family, anti-police and anti-military, anti-capitalism (that is what makes them Marxist!)

By your actions you have made the atmosphere at the library unpleasant to say the least.

Cathryn Kotler


Disheartened by Sheriff’s response

I grew up in and love Douglas County. I love the genuine sense of community and the people that make it one. Because of this, I was especially disheartened by Sheriff Coverly’s response to the library’s proposed diversity statement.

My purpose in writing is to explain why the Sheriff’s comments were inexcusable and to suggest how we can have productive and respectful conversation about this issue.

Sheriff Coverly claims, “data simply does not support claims that law enforcement is systematically racist or structurally biased.” He supported this claim with data showing the relative infrequency of police violence, not data showing that police treat people of all races equally. The truth is, they don’t.

Washington Post data shows that in 2019, black Nevadans were 4.783 times more likely to be killed by police than white [2]. And an ACLU report showed that, in our own county, black people are 21.91 times more likely to be arrested for marijuana possession despite comparable use rates nationally [3,6].These examples beg further context, analysis, and discussion, and they reveal a more complex picture than that painted by Sheriff Coverly.

He makes the valid point that many police officers sacrifice their safety and even their lives. I am grateful for the officers that make this choice with noble intentions and I celebrate heroes among the police. But when the conversation ends here, we fail to recognize that police officers knowingly choose this risk, while black people are disproportionately victims of police violence for something they never chose and have no control over.

The Sheriff feels that his office is under attack. Productive discourse would allow him to express why he feels this, and also allow others to express why they feel concerned about the role of police. What is alarming about these recent county events is that instead of having a constructive conversation about the diversity statement, and how it could best reflect the values of the community, the statement was withdrawn entirely. If I were a person of color, I imagine that having a statement like that offered, then retracted would be hurtful and disappointing.

I now address the Sheriff’s comment, “please do not feel the need to call 911.” This caustic rhetoric cuts off any hope of meaningful dialogue. The sheriff’s stated intention was to foster discussion “in a way that values diversity and law enforcement.”[4] But to threaten withholding emergency services from those with opposing viewpoints, however empty the threat, shows no value for diversity of opinion. Instead, it alarmingly calls into question the department’s commitment to its stated purpose to “impartially apply laws and ordinances.”

I love to tell people about my hometown — I am proud of my community. But if we do not foster an environment in which people with diverse perspectives and opinions can speak out, our community will erode. I hope that moving forward, Sheriff Coverly will set an example of empathetic and constructive conversation, fostering the community we all cherish.

Emily Hales

Minden native

Commends the sheriff


Douglas County Sheriff Dan Coverley is to be commended for speaking out about Black Lives Matter. Black Lives Matter is a Marxist organization that is interested in destroying the country as we know it, with little interest in black lives or any other life. If the organization cared about the lives of disadvantaged people, it would be demanding more police not the destruction of the police. It would be spending a large part of the billions of dollars it has received from major corporations to improve these lives.

The organization itself is based on the lie that the police are killing black people at extraordinary rates. One of its key mantras, “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot,” is based on a lie as determined by the Obama Justice Department after months of independent investigation.

It is fine that government entities like the Douglas County Library strive for diversity and equality for all citizens. It is wrong that a government institution, as part of its policy, supports a politically motivated organization with goals of eliminating the police, destroying our history and ultimately the values of liberty and free enterprise that made this county great.

Gary Ratekin


Sheriff’s response unsuitable


I am incensed that an elected law enforcement official in my community would even think about withholding emergency response in any situation, but that he would specifically express it toward a public agency demonstrates that he is unsuitable in a position of high authority. Only someone in his position who either believes that he and those he oversees do not have an ethical, moral and legal responsibility to protect everyone in the community would feel threatened by a diversity statement that expressed support for a segment of the community. The statement issued by library director Amy Dodson indicated adoption of a policy for her department to follow when interacting with the public. It was intended to support inclusion and respect. There was no threat aimed at our law enforcement. There was nothing about the statement that could have been inferred as an indictment of local law enforcement. So why would Sheriff Coverly respond with a threat? The only answer is because does not accept that anyone has the right to expect him or his officers to respect the equality, inclusion and human rights of those who are trying to change a way of life that should have died two centuries ago. That mentality should frighten every single resident of Douglas County, whether they align with conservatives or liberals, because it makes him dangerous. It was a not-so-thinly veiled threat aimed at all of us. It reveals an “us against them” attitude that may already have penetrated the entire department and is precisely why Black Lives Matter is so critical. Does his attitude mean that if I or anyone else were to publicly disclose allegiance with Black Lives Matter, we can expect to be ignored if we ever have an emergency requiring a response from a sheriff?

With that single letter, Sheriff Coverly revealed a great deal about his character, and he deserves to be strongly disciplined. The best discipline for him is removal from office, and there should be an investigation of the department to determine how pervasive his attitude is among the rest of the department. All of us in this community should be deeply concerned and make it clear that such mentality will not be tolerated to any extent. I hope the media will not drop further investigation and coverage of this highly disturbing act.

Martha Harris Sullivan


Bravo, Dan Coverley


Thank you for speaking truth – which so many are intimidated and unable to do today.

As you point out, BlackLivesMatter as an organization stands for some very destructive goals. It is a Marxist organization. It states that all police functions are racist. It stands against the nuclear, traditional family and actively advocates against fathers in the home. It believes the United States is an inherently racist and evil nation that must be torn down. All one has to do is look at the BlackLivesMatter website and do a little research to see what its founders advocate for.

While it is true that black lives matter, as all life matters, it is not true that any part of Douglas County should be supporting BlackLivesMatter as an organization. BlackLivesMatter as an organization is a political organization. No part of Douglas County as a government should be taking sides on political organizations. The Library Board was naive and wrong to include BlackLivesMatter as an organization in its draft resolution.

I see Dan that you are already making the national news. I applaud you for your quick action here in standing for truth and righteousness. I urge you to stand your ground. Don’t become the next Drew Brees and back down from truth.

Brett Tibbitts


Sheriff must enforce law


No, just no. Sheriff Coverley, you cannot use the County’s website – or your office – to express or carry out your personal opinions. Please read your oath and the State of Nevada’s Ethics Code. While most of the country is trying to train officers to resolve implicit bias, you apparently need training on explicit bias.

We already have an assemblyman representing us who campaigns on reinstating slavery. This is contrary to the express provisions of the Nevada and US Constitutions and included in his oath of office. Now we have a sheriff who does not want to enforce the law.

Something is drastically wrong here. From tree to knee: 1619 to 2020.

Terry Rankin

Indian Hills

Stand up for Sheriff’s Office


Over the years we Douglas County Republican Central Committee members have shared enjoyable times working voter registration booths with our county’s Democrat counterparts at nonpolitical venues like Candy Dance, the Minden air show, and others. Despite our differences we never doubted that all of us love this county and want the best for all who live here.

But now I see on social media names I know, some of my old Democrat acquaintances, siding with BLM against civilized society. Don’t they see on their TV screens that, however noble its beginnings, BLM is now synonymous with rioting, arson, and looting? Don’t they hear the chants? “What do we want? Dead cops” or “pigs in a blanket, fry ‘em like bacon”? How could anyone miss the reports of 59 police injured —three blinded in Portland — and at least two killed, all for the crime of interrupting BLM’s nighttime fun?

Democrats are complaining about the Douglas County Sheriff’s response to the Douglas County Library Director’s proposal to publish a statement in support of the cop-hating BLM. My former associates have followed their party’s leftward march into believing the lie that BLM is just a peaceful anti-racist group.

Now BLM has decided to make trouble in Douglas County, supposedly in response to the Sheriff’s media-exaggerated message. I’ll be looking to see how many of my ex-colleagues show up at the sheriff’s office to stand up for those who protect them and their families 10 a.m. Aug. 8.

Lynn Muzzy


Came here seeking safety


I have lived in Douglas County since 1994. I came here for a number of reasons not the least of which was the safety and security of the Minden/ Gardnerville communities. The quality of life that we enjoy here, is a result of the high quality people who live here but also the tireless job done by Douglas County Sheriff’s Office.

I think that we have seen how peaceful, peaceful protests have become. We have seen the unlawful destruction of public and personal property by peaceful protesters, as well as the shameful assault on law enforcement officers.

I do not want that behavior to come to my hometown. I know Sherriff Coverly to be good and decent man who has the wellbeing of all Doulas County residents at heart. I fully support him as Sherriff and his efforts to maintain the lifestyle in Douglas County that I love.

John Colyer


Call for law and order


Many of the news articles regarding Sheriff Coverley’s letter have stated the proposed statement by the County Library, in support of Black Lives Matter, had not been approved by the Library Board.

Since the Board had not approved the statement, did the Sheriff’s office learn of the proposal from an agenda for the proposed meeting of the Board? Was the Sheriff’s letter to the library meant to be his thoughts on the proposed statement? Of course the big question is, who and why did someone get the Associated Press involved in something that was only a proposal and had not been formally approved?

Regarding Black Lives Matter, the Minneapolis incident is a tragedy. It began with the police responding to a crime reportedly involving counterfeit money. We are shown a video where an individual in handcuffs is being led away. Next we see a video of an individual laying on the ground on the other side of a vehicle with a policeman applying pressure to the individual with his knee. This is an unlawful act but we do not know what took place between the two videos.

We do not know if the individual was involved in the possession of counterfeit money, or any of his background, but the fact the policeman had prior complains about brutality was quickly pointed out.

Now we find out the “humble” George Floyd, who is being memorialized by America, according to reports, was arrested nine times, was a convicted drug dealer, had held a gun to the stomach of a pregnant woman while his buddies robbed her home. He also had done prison three different times.

I feel a call for law and order is more important than being called a racist.

Sanford Deyo


Diversity statement a mystery


It is a mystery to me as to why the Douglas County Librarian, Amy Dodson felt she needed to announce that “everyone is welcome at the library.”

Since when has a public library ever not admitted anyone through its portals?

One may say that when Andrew Carnegie started the Public Library system, he was atoning for the deaths of those living in a town below one of his poorly-maintained dams; however, he undoubtedly gave our country this wonderful gift, knowing that anyone who had the gumption to walk into one of those libraries and read the books therein, they would find the way to succeed in this country.

Public libraries have guided the pathways of all who did walk through those doors, unhindered by librarians or anyone else regardless of their race, religion, or nationality. Just three such patrons are Michele Obama, Maya Angelou, and Oprah Winfrey. As children, they found a safe, welcoming place to read and learn beyond what their schools could teach them.

It is the duty of every employee and volunteer who works in our libraries to help patrons find the information they need and, if necessary, connect them with people who can help them learn skills; such as reading and English language. I can’t even imagine a public library anywhere that does not, from the first day of operation, welcome anyone who comes through its doors. I’ve got to wonder if the Douglas County Library has been the exception since its opening. If not, why did Ms. Dodson have to include it in a special, and incendiary, political statement without the library board’s approval?

Sue Cauhape


Open letter to the sheriff


This is an open letter in response to your open letter to the Douglas County Library. You have exposed yourself and your mindset, and how you will be leading the Douglas County Sherriff’s department, laying a dark cloud over and besmirching those good people of honor and integrity. You stated you ‘feel there is a lack of support or trust with the Douglas County Sheriff’s office’, and now you know why. The Sheriff just threatened people he ‘feels’ do not comply with his political bent. You have created more fear and distrust. You have exposed yourself. If you feel someone or organizations does not support your political bent, you will not, as the Douglas County Sheriff’s motto states offer ‘A Tradition of Service’, the commitment to protect and serve the citizens of or visitors to this county. Don’t even bother to call 911. No one will come.

Do I dare sign my name to this letter because it will get me on your blacklist? Will you send thugs to threaten me? Slow the response time if my home or car is vandalized, if my very person is threatened or hurt? You have stated that is very possible. You have indicated that is not beyond your capacity.

You have threatened anyone who believes black lives matter is a valid protest. We cannot now, be assured you will offer us as individuals protection or service. You made it clear with your department’s follow up statement you are not sorry for what you wrote. You threatened withholding of services you have sworn to offer all citizens of Douglas County. I am appalled by your original statement. Shocked at your lack of remorse. And am incredibly saddened you have furthered the belief that police have become militaristic bootjacks, rather than compassionate and empathetic to the citizens of this county. You have even publicly stated you will not enforce a state requirement of wearing masks to help keep citizens of this county safe. Do you get to make your own rules? Is this county under a secret police agenda? Who chooses the benefactors of your protection? Your words reached out into the world Sheriff Coverley. What kind of Sheriff threatens his own county’s citizens with retaliation instead of understanding and maturity with the hard issues of today?

Don’t gaslight. Reconsider your message, or please step down. You have made Douglas County seem a scary place to share inclusive thoughts. You threatened peaceful people simply issuing a statement. You, an officer of the Law used criminal intimidation. Your threat cannot stand. Black Lives Matter. So does the rule of law and the character of the people enforcing it.

Marie Johnson


Support the Sheriff’s Office


Why don’t All Lives Matter? Where is the coverage of policeman being ambushed, beaten and murdered; the children age 4 and age 11 murdered by peaceful marchers (riots) and churches being burned. What about the young policeman who will probably be blind the rest of his life due to numerous blows sustained on his head while protecting his community? There is no coverage of these memorials honoring these heroes. Instead of holding people responsible for rioting, burning and murder, lets just defund the police.

Anyone looking at the crime statics lately? No law equals chaos. So now the second special session of the legislature is called. A session to discuss Nevada’s agenda for embracing “changes” without we the people being able to voice opinions. Wonder what the financial burden of two special sessions will be?

I also thought our country was built by the small businesses. Now our state has made these business owners “mask policeman.” A customer refusing to wear a mask is loss of business and revenue. Yes, Governor lets do everything we can to close small businesses. What section of the Nevada Revised Statues does it say a business owner will be heavily fined or loose their license for not “forcing” customers to wear masks. To us as customers, remember if you value a business we need to all work together. All Lives Matter.

Thank you Sheriff Coverley for standing up for our community and the police community. We witnessed your department’s loyalty, compassion, and professional conduct in protecting our community after the murders in January 2019. We felt safe and protected. Thank You. All Lives Matter.

My prayer-Forgive us and humbly we ask for You to heal our nation.

Sandra Webb


Face Mask vs. Face Shield


We see more people wearing clear plastic face shields without a face mask that covers nose and mouth. Yes, more comfortable, but they do not serve the purpose of face mask over mouth and nose.

According to doctors and specialists, the virus spreads primarily from person to person through respiratory droplets that are produced when we talk, sing, shout, or even breathe. We have been told through the news and medical releases that as many as 40 percent of people who are infected with the virus never develop noticeable symptoms but are still capable of spreading the virus. In addition, individuals who do become ill with COVIC-19 are at their most contagious just before they develop symptoms.

We wear masks to protect not only ourselves but also each other. If I am infected, my mask will capture any large respiratory droplets I could produce before they are expelled into the air, thereby preventing me from unknowingly infecting people around me. A face shield, by nature of its design, would be more likely to allow these droplets to escape

Recently dining at a local casino restaurant, we saw all the serving staff and other employees only wearing plastic face shields. When we mentioned this to our doctor later in the day he told us we should have left, that face shields are not an adequate substitute for a face mask, we should not put our health at risk.

We will no longer risk infection, and will not patronize such businesses.

Pete and Mary Jane Harding


If this isn’t bad enough


Haven’t Gov. Sisolak’s Wuhan virus restrictions resulted in Nevada’s mortgage delinquency rates rocketing from 2.77 percent in March 2020 to 7.97 percent in April, according to bankrate.com? Isn’t the current mortgage delinquency rate for Nevada now 9.99 percent, the highest in the United States?

Haven’t Sisolak’s Wuhan virus restrictions resulted in Nevada’s unemployment rate of 25.3%, the worst in the United States, according the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics? You can check this out for yourself at https://www.bls.gov/web/laus/laumstrk.htm.

On this website all 50 states are listed in order of their unemployment rate. Nevada is dead last with an unemployment rate of 25.3% as of May, the latest month reported. Don’t 17 states, plus Washington D.C., have unemployment rates under 10%?

If this isn’t bad enough, do you think all Democrats and several RINOs in the special session state Senate and House will show any better judgment than Democrat Sisolak in their bills and votes?

Roger Adam


Support President, Sheriff


It has come to my attention that a proposed Diversity Statement being placed before the Library Board of Trustees included support for Black Lives Matter. After reading the duties and responsibilities of the aforementioned board from NRS 379.025 I fail to see where they should take a political view regarding BLM and how that is helpful to the running of our library.

I believe that the vast majority of residents in Douglas County and the nation as a whole would agree that black lives matter and that in fact all lives matter, even though some have lost their jobs for expressing that view. It might come as a surprise to some that the originators of the black lives matter movement are avowed Marxists and their goal is to destroy America as we know it and replace it with a socialist-communist utopia. As part of their agenda they have caused rioting and looting in many cities across the nation and are bedfellows with Antifa, which is supposed to be anti-fascist, but in reality is fascist to their core. What originally was designed to call attention to the death of George Floyd, who had drugs in his system, by some overzealous law enforcement officers has morphed into an anti-American cause to defund the police and rely on mob rule. It reminds me of the book “Lord of the Flies.” I am concerned with the positive notoriety this movement has achieved through the mainstream media and the Democratic Party. Many officers of the law have been killed and injured in the performance of their duties and a like number of citizens have suffered physical and economic injury as well.

It is a sad state of affairs when patriotic citizens are choosing to align with a group that seeks to destroy our nation due the fact that they have Trump Derangement Syndrome and want him out no matter the cost. In closing, I support our President. our Sheriff, and our very existence as a country with the freedoms and opportunities it affords. None of which are perfect, but nonetheless deserve our respect and support.

Dan Paterson


It’s a coup


I believe what we are seeing is a coup. At first it was a “silent coup.” The Obama administration decided to spy on the 2016 Trump campaign. That continued after the election and persisted right on through to the failed impeachment. Then Covid hit and the left decided that they would flex their muscles by locking down their states to “avoid overcrowding at hospitals.” Well that never happened, so the narrative was changed to “slow the spread.” Americans generally care about their fellow citizens, so we complied.

Then came the George Floyd incident and paid anarchists (who hate the US) from who knows where descended upon Democrat-run cities and began to take advantage of the situation. Riots ensued and have been ongoing for nearly two months. The mayors and governors of those cities and states have done exactly NOTHING to calm or curb the situation.

Why? Well, both Antifa and Black Lives Matter are Marxist organizations. Marxists hate what the United States stands for and want it gone. Democrats are ignoring the destruction of private businesses and public buildings. According to Cloward & Piven’s theory, if the system is overwhelmed enough, the citizens will accept anything to stop the chaos, including discarding our Constitution.

I stand for our Constitution and our sheriff’s office.

Teri Cotham


Sheriff-Librarian kerfuffle


The Librarian could have handled things better. The Sheriff could have handled things better. Maybe the lesson here is that we need to learn to talk to each other. A simple phone call, request for clarification, apologies for any misunderstandings could have nipped this thing in the bud. Now that the story has gone viral, everyone is embarrassed. Everything we need to know we learned in kindergarten. Stop, look, listen. Say you’re sorry if you hurt someone. The escalation here was totally unnecessary and now, sadly, Douglas County has been hurt. How about the Librarian and the Sheriff propose hosting, together, some kind of community forum or town hall type of meeting (virtually, if necessary) and invite everyone to clear the air? I am absolutely certain we can find common ground and that, with grace, tomorrow will be better.

Betti Christensen