Aug. 16 Letters to the Editor |

Aug. 16 Letters to the Editor

Douglas High graduates Dorothy Scossa, Virginia and John Henningsen celebrate the 23rd anniversary of the opening of the Carson Valley Museum & Cultural Center
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Sorry to see sports guy go


It was with great sadness that I read in the July 13 issue about the termination of Dave Price as R-C sports editor.

It was my honor and privilege to be associated with Dave during my tenure as a coach and the athletic director at Douglas High School for many years.

Dave was a consummate professional and a truly gifted writer. He always treated the coaches and athletes with honesty, dignity and respect.

Regardless of whether it was Little League or a varsity team at the high school, Dave spent countless hours being at all the events in the county, and gave all of his stories that “small town” feel.

As we move forward, it’s disheartening to see someone like Dave the victim of the spreading disintegration of our newspapers throughout the country. Gone are the mornings when one anticipated the delivery of the paper to read along with a cup of coffee to start the day.

While it’s truly a pity that Dave and his colleagues at The Record-Courier are victims of a changing world, longtime residents of our small town will remember the memories of the triumphs and heartaches he recounted on a weekly basis. Much thanks to Dave and colleagues.

Steve Wilcox


Speak up for America


It’s time we start asking ourselves – Who benefits? Who benefits when we, as Americans, disparage the very things our nation was built on – diversity, a free press, separation of the branches of government? Who benefits when we are encouraged to hate someone because of their political party, or because of their religion, or race? Who benefits when we fight among ourselves? When we are so polarized we no longer listen to different ideas or believe in compromise? Who benefits when we forget our humanity? Not you or me. Not the least or the most among us. Not our democracy. Who benefits? Evil and those who want to destroy the United States and all that we stand for. Wake up people. It’s time we start to stand together. A nation divided will fall.

Donna Weidner