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Letters for Aug. 1, 2019

Good governance not a luxury


Over the last several months there have been several letters to the editor and other mailings by individuals within our community making false accusations and disparaging comments regarding an open forum ad hoc group of citizens within Douglas County commonly known as the “Good Governance Group” including some who were originally responsible for creating this open forum.

To my knowledge, this group was created over a decade ago to encourage openness and transparency in our county government and that remains the mantra today.

This group has no charter, no president, no chairman, no board of directors, and no officers. It continues to meet on a weekly basis on Tuesdays from noon until 1:30 p.m. currently at the COD Casino as it has done for the last year moving from other locations around town prior to that. There is no official membership list and charges no dues. The COD Casino allows this group to use its meeting room at the rear of the casino for the paltry sum of $1 per attendee collected each Tuesday to pay for the beverages each person has access to.

This is a nonpartisan group of folks and everyone in our community is welcome to attend, however, most of those making these disparaging remarks have never taken the opportunity to attend to see for themselves what this group is all about. It was recently suggested in a letter to the editor in this newspaper that the Board of Commissioners is controlled by this group, however, when appointing a new member of the planning commission recently, with no less than three regular attendees of these Tuesday forums applying, none of the three were appointed.

We are proud to have featured such guest speakers recently as Kathy Lewis, Douglas County clerk/treasurer, our new County Manager Patrick Cates, almost all of the county commissioners, Sam Booth from the county planning department as well as new Community Development Manager Tom Delaire. I believe all would tell you that the session was very informative with an active exchange of ideas and questions.

If you are against openness and transparency within our county government, go ahead and disparage this group as you wish, otherwise I would suggest you take the opportunity to attend one of their sessions. We attempt to have a guest speaker twice a month and open discussion on any topic the group or an individual wishes to discuss the other weeks.

Mark Gardner

Topaz Ranch Estates

Cold-water shock a real hazard


Thank you for that article on the drowning of the young man near Zephyr Cove, it is what I suspected had happened. I note you mention it is possible that it was cold-water shock that caused his death, much as it was in the case of the young man who died last year near the Edgewood Country Club. He jumped off of a boat and drowned.

After that incident last year I sent an e-mail to the city manager of South Lake Tahoe, suggesting that they require all watercraft rental locations to inform their customers of this danger. I never heard back from him and I don’t think that they have done this. I suspect that it is because, much like the mayor of Amity Island in “Jaws,” they don’t want to cut into their tourism dollars.

But it is a real danger and people should be made aware of it. Here is a link that goes into detail about how and why this happens. https://www.hgexperts.com/expert-witness-articles/prevention-and-management-of-torso-reflex-28879

Gary Marshall


Calling out Settelmeyer


James Settelmeyer, our Republican state senator, disappointed so many of us when he failed to represent us when he voted for “The Office of New Americans.”

This bill rewards those who enter Nevada illegally with whatever they need: housing, food stamps, medical care, education, all paid for by we the taxpayers.

Our taxes will soar as will gangs, drugs and violence. We had a preview of that with four murders in Northern Nevada by an illegal.

James, we hope that you didn’t trade us for the Sanctuary State Bill because we are already one since we give illegals driver’s licenses and register them to vote.

You owe us an explanation: you gave your vote to the Democrats and we will now have to decide if we do the same by not supporting you.

Please contact James Settelmeyer at contact@james4nevada.org to voice your concerns. He needs to hear from you.

Our taxpayer dollars should help our citizens, not those who break our laws. What message are we passing to those who want to become U.S. citizens legally?

Maureen Morris