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Letters for April 18

Savannah Haase and Gina Haase of Mike's Chicago Pizza, retired NFL Coach Mike Tice and Boys & Girls Club Executive Director Katie Leao on April 10 at the Gardnerville restaurant for a fundraiser.
Kurt Hildebrand

Can’t see the night for the lights


Moving to town a few years ago, I knew it was going to be almost impossible to see a star-filled night sky. The Gardnerville and Minden light pollution glowing in the night sky can be seen from Lyon County! I miss seeing the stars and the Milky Way.

Excessive commercial, street and residential exterior lighting are causing the night skies to fade away. Most of that lighting is in violation of Douglas County Code 20.703.170

Lighting Standards:

A. Exterior lighting must be deflected away from all adjacent properties, public streets and public right of way.

Any light source must incorporate a cut off shield to prevent the light source from being directly visible from areas off site. Exterior light sources must be directed downward to avoid sky lighting.

Ninty-nine percent of exterior lighting isn’t designed, it just happens.

Unshielded porch lights left on all night might create a sense of security for the homeowner but unless it is designed properly that light creates glare or excessive brightness which constricts the pupil reducing the amount of light entering the eye. In dark or dim light, the pupil dilates to allow more light into the eye to improve vision to see a person “hiding in the shadows.” Unshielded light can be seen for miles away and will “trespass” into places where it isn’t intended, wanted or needed like neighbors bedroom windows for example.

A little awareness by individuals will go a long way to restore our fading night skies.

Cathryn Kotler


Capitalism vs. Socialism


Since his election, President Trump has kept election promises better than any of his predecessors. Despite the phony (illegally started) Mueller Russia Probe, 90 percent negative reporting (Fake News) omitting positive news (great economy, low unemployment) (much like Goebbles Nazi propaganda minister 1933-1945 Repeat a lie often enough and soon people will start believing it) President Trump has delivered individual and corporate tax cuts (make us competitive and help reverse the job losses to over seas) end to death taxes, reduced punitive regulations. Ending and renegotiating unfavorable trade deals (like NAFTA) Paris climate accord (potential cost $50 trillion) plus Iran Nuke Deal, End to ISIS Califate, North Korea, prison reform, reviving the energy sector, etc. These efforts brought up the GDP to more than 4 percent growth at mid-2018 with no indication of inflation, yet the Federal Reserve unwisely accelerated interest rates seven of nine rate increases since 2015 done under President Trump, raised quantitative tightening of credit up to $50 billion/month (taking money supply down) almost ending the booming economy bringing the GDP growth rate to 2 percent plus in December 2018. With $12.3 trillion of money printing and around 0 percent rates during Obama years, they only managed average of 1.5 percent GDP growth. If same Fed policies applied during Trump administration, the GDP growth would be 5-6 percent. The Democratic Party no longer party of JFK. New entitlements with no consideration how to pay for them.

1. Medicare for all estimated to cost $3.3 trillion a year would end private sponsored plans for 180 million participants

2. Free college for all cost $600 billion a year

3. The green energy plan cost $100 trillion or $400,000 per household.

4. Reparations for slavery from more than 150 years ago

5. Open borders currently illegal border crossings over $1 million cost to taxpayers per individual $60 to $130,000 a year plus crime & drugs.

So will it be socialism or capitalism? “The problem with socialism you eventually run out of other peoples’ money.” M. Thatcher

Mark Tarvainen


And the applause continues


I was pleased to join both friends and highly dedicated fans of the Carson Valley Violin School at their annual Sinfonia Spring Concert. Held on April 7 at the CVIC Hall in Minden, this ensemble musical concert featured musicians playing the most popular of the String Instruments, Violins, Violas, Cello’s, and Contra Bass. The musicians ranged in age from pre-teen and teen students who attend the Violin School, as well as adults, some of whom perform in the Reno Philharmonic Orchestra.

The variety of the music performed kept everyone attentive. From pieces by Bach and Mozart, to an American Medley by famed Composer Stephen Foster, fans were delighted on a Sunday afternoon to hear music of this variety superbly performed. Throughout the Concert, the different instrument groups were highlighted, with each group engaging in a friendly competition, striving for perfection.

John and Nelle O’Neill started the Carson Valley Violin School in 1992. Nelle, a gifted maker of violas, and John, a composer, arranger and master teacher, have built the Carson Valley Violin School into the premiere learning academy of string instruments in Douglas County. The Sinfonia Concert featured several pieces written by John, including a piece dedicated to his daughter, Kathleen, and some wonderful Stephen Foster songs arranged by John. To have such a versatile and gifted couple living in Minden is to remind us all, once again, that we live in a special place. The O’Neill’s were greeted with a standing ovation as the concert concluded.

Special thanks to the popular and competent Brian Fitzgerald, the No. 2 Man in the Douglas County Park & Recreation Department, who, back when the O’Neill’s were getting started, helped to secure a site for the beginning of the annual Sinfonia Concerts.

We salute John and Nelle O’Neill, for their insight, and their total commitment to bring together yearly, a string ensemble capable of performing scores from Bach to Beethoven, Leroy Anderson to Stephen Foster, providing us music listeners with music that is serious, enjoyable, and always just plain fun.

Joe Hooven


Settelmeyer hostile


My friend Amy and I visited our state senator for the first time to ask for his support for two bills, the Trust Women Act and SB 312, the paid sick leave act. When we arrived at the Legislature, we learned that Sen. Settelmeyer had cancelled our appointment and refused to reschedule it, although we’d driven over an hour to meet with him.

Instead we waited in the hallway, hoping to catch him. As he walked out of his office, he agreed to talk to us briefly, but when he disagreed with my friend’s statement that many Nevadans working in the private sector have no paid sick leave, he snapped: “You’re a liar!”

As for his consideration of two women constituents asking him to support the “Trust Women Act” that decriminalizes abortion, he bluntly stated he saw no need to update the 1911 law that made abortion in Nevada a crime. He in fact was arrogant and hostile, both in tone and word, during the entire three-minute hallway conversation.

Lisa Foley

Zephyr Cove