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Letter: What do we get?

Tom Watts


Home Depot and Target have been a part of Douglas County for over a year now, and soon Wal-Mart will be a part as well. It is my understanding that a sizeable amount of tax revenue goes into the coffers of Douglas county from these stores.

Aside from the benefits I personally derive from using the stores, I would like to know what direct benefit having these stores in Douglas County has for me. In other words, what are the tax revenues being used for? I haven’t seen a decrease in the county sales tax. I haven’t seen a decrease in my property tax bill. I haven’t seen any major improvements in anything, really.

I believe I am like most people. When something is supposed to affect me personally I want to know what that effect is. I’ve been told through the media that having these stores in Douglas County will be and is a great benefit. To whom? To me. How? In what way? Perhaps I am missing something. I would appreciate any input anyone has.

I don’t have any problem with Wal-Mart. I shop there all the time. I would just like to know what it does for me besides move it a mile closer into Douglas County.

Tom Watts


Feb. 15