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letter: Unjustified attack

Shelley Roe

This letter is in response to people editor Karel Delbecq’s article dated Oct. 13. One word. Huh? I was a little confused why Ms. Delbecq would start bashing Rush Limbaugh at this late date. He is hardly center stage in the conservative ring anymore. She would not name his medical problem, probably because we were suppose to play the capitalization game of certain words in her article. We then were supposed to guess what was wrong with him. He has autoimmune inner-ear disease, or AIED. It means he has arthritis of the middle ear, which has caused him to go deaf. It was rather yellowbelly on her part to kick a man when he’s down. Even is she does despise him.

My guess is that Ms. Delbecq has listened to Rush maybe five times in the last 10 years by her comments. Do I agree with everything Rush says? No. I find him very entertaining and informative. He makes me laugh. His listeners must have a sense of humor, because he enjoys poking fun at the absurd. To quote her describing his listeners: “No participation, no exchange of ideas, no independent thinking.” Is she joking? Rush has the most informed and intelligent guests possible. By listening to him, I have learned more about politics and world news and the shenanigans in Washington in the last decade than ever before.

Rush loves to debate, he begs liberals to call his program. He is at his best when he can have a lively exchange of ideas. Ms. Delbecq says she is proud to be a socialist democrat. According to my Random House Dictionary, copyright 1968, that means one step away from a communist. I’m sure he would talk to them, too. Is he always right? Usually. It’s his show. He’s the first to tell you.

She called him a “pompous idiot.” Pompous? Yes. Boastful? Yes. Knowledgeable? Yes. Informative? Yes. Intelligent? Yes. Humorous? Yes. Self-esteem? Yes. Rude to his callers? Never. Above all, is he a proud American? Yes. Idiot? Not very well-spoken for a journalist who makes a living at freedom of speech!

Sadly, Rush will probably be forced to retire from his talk show because of his medical ailment. He will always be the “Godfather of Conservatism.” But I suggest Ms. Delbecq get with the times and start spewing her hate-mongering toward the up and coming seekers of truth. Unfortunately for her, there are many who have followed in Rush’s footsteps.

If she thinks Rush was such a threat in the pursuit of the truth, I dare her to enter the “No-Spin Zone” of Bill O’Reilly. I’m willing to bet, his getting to the truth will make her and others like her shrivel and curl away from the TV like a vampire seeing daylight.