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Letter: True motives


For the life of me, I cannot understand Mr. Benz’s motives as a member of the board of the East Fork Swimming Pool District. He constantly makes negative statements indicating taxpayer money should not be spent to make improvements at the community pool.

On the topic of “forced charity,” I believe Mr. Benz wants all pool users to kneel on bended knee on highways 395 and 88 and mouth a thank-you to all Douglas County residents. Mr. Benz forgets pool users are also taxpayers. Is it Mr. Benz’s job as a board member to make those of us who use the pool feel guilty? He states the purpose of his letters is to invoke public interest. It seems more likely that he is trying to destroy a good thing.

Why is a board member of the East Fork Swimming Pool District so negative in his approach? I have read his letters and heard his remarks at a board meeting. Mr. Benz, what are your true motives? You are certainly no help in encouraging membership or promoting this facility to the public, and, as such, you should reevaluate your position on the board.

Harold Zaroff


March 10