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Letter: Total responsibility


Last week the county commissioners, in the face of considerable public opposition, agreed to table the proposal to amend the master plan text pending further public discussion. They should be commended for their considered response to the public outcry. The issue has not been put to bed, however, for this week the commission will be considering developer Jeff Dingman’s request for a land use amendment to the plan that would set a precedent for urbanization that could sweep the Valley parcel by parcel.

If the commission grants this land use change, there will be no legal restraints limiting Mr. Dingman to only 300 homes. This, however, is beside the point. What is far worse than increased density on a single high-end project is the precedent it sets for the development of other adjacent tracts across the Valley. Once Mr. Dingman is granted a land use change, how can the next applicant be denied, and then the next and the next after that? Can our Valley, with its water and infrastructure limitations, support the great increase in population that would be encouraged? The idea that our Valley could be the San Fernando Valley of Nevada has little appeal for anyone other than developers who frequently don’t even live here.

The planning commission, in an effort to preserve the spirit and intent of the master plan as well as the text, has recommended denial of Mr. Dingman’s request. It is to be hoped that the commissioners will confer further with the planning commission before approving this land use change that could open the flood gates to unrestrained development.

Each commissioner must now recognize that, with his vote on this issue, he is assuming total responsibility for the future of our beautiful but fragile Valley.

Camilla Jovicich


March 5