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Letter to the editor: There is a better way to have a loop road

I am a resident of South Lake Tahoe, and have been in, and around the area since 1976. I do believe that there should be a loop road, having said that I have a strong opinion as to how to go about it. I know you have spent lots on money on research, planning routes, meetings and so forth. Why is it you can’t use the roads already there? If Village Way and Park Ave could be used, both go behind the casinos and connects to Lake Parkway, Village Way going north and Park Avenue going south. Each could be four lanes, all you have to do is mark the street lines and it’s there. The casinos and business already have street entrances so that shouldn’t be a problem. Close the road between the casinos and make a walking park. Take down the fences, put in cobblestones, open it up for kiosks, music, events, benches, flowers, trees, strolling, craft fairs and the like. As an example, look at how successful Lakeview Commons has been, it is enjoyed by locals and visitors alike. You could use the money you were going to spend on buying property and making new roads on the beautification of the walkway. Your plan to destroy the apartments off of Pioneer Trail with eminent domain doesn’t make a lot of sense. Why disrupt all the people living there when you don’t have to? Many of these people and families live there because it is affordable, close to work (walking distance), and a decent neighborhood. I realize some of the buildings and apartments there may be old and need to be refurbished, leave that to the owners, they can be made to be responsible. There would be no need to make all these people, and families move from their apartment homes when it is not necessary.