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Letter to the editor for Wednesday, Jan. 24, 2018

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Tim Berube |

Arpaio doesn’t belong here


Republican senatorial candidate Joe Arpaio, is coming to spread his vile anti-American ideology in our peaceful valley. This “law man” who disdains the rule of law, this convicted law breaker who remains outspokenly unrepentant, this sheriff who believes in cruel and unusual punishment for all other criminals but total absolution for himself, belongs behind bars, not behind a podium.

Nevadans who allow themselves to be misled by this man, place all the citizens of this county at risk of repeating Maricopa county’s awful mistakes. These mistakes have cost Maricopa County $140 million and counting in legal fees and lawsuit settlements, decades of divisive county politics and dozens of unnecessary deaths.

Unnecessary deaths, like, for example, that of Felix Torrez, who was arrested for failure to appear in court for several outstanding driving warrants. While awaiting his trial, Mr. Torrez died from a bleeding ulcer caused by the jail’s improper medical care, while his jailers ignored his repeated cries for help. Unlike Arpaio, Mr. Torrez was never convicted of the crime for which he was given this de facto death sentence.

The concept that we can solve our crime problems by sadistically torturing criminals is not just wrong-headed or misinformed. It is evil, pure and simple. It is a surrender to the siren call of our basest instincts, a blotting out of the higher ideals written down in our Constitution, a turning away from our common humanity to begin a blind stumbling shuffle down the road to fascism.

Let us not welcome this evil into our hearts! Let us shun this man in our community.

Timothy Goldsmith