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Letter to the Editor for Jan. 9

Power hungry

Democrats don’t care

about citizens


The Democrats care more about holding onto their power and hatred for the president, than the best interest of the nation. Impeachment calls started on the first day of his inauguration and have continued 24/7 until today resulting in invalid impeachment articles conducted by partisan hearings in the House of Representatives with no fact witnesses, only second and third-hand hearsay witnesses on one article and the other on the request of documents from the president not turned over, due to executive privilege (perfectly legal not contested in court) completely baseless.

The Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi is holding back turning the resolutions to the Senate for the trial demanding them to modify the rules to her liking which they did not allow to Republicans fairly at all in the House hearings.

The unfair treatment of the president by Democrats, deep state actors (bureaucrats appointed by the previous administration) and most of the main street media (fake media) that we rely on to give fair and factual accounting of the news acting like a propaganda extension of the Democratic Party (not unlike Joseph Goebbels, propaganda minister of Nazi Germany, saying repeat a lie often enough and soon the population will believe that it is the truth).

In the past three years, not covering the multitude of positive accomplishments by this president such as the great economy we are currently enjoying since his election, Gross Domestic Product near 3 percent (would have been higher if the Fed had not raised interest rates at end of 2018), over 50 percent increase in the stock market, 401(k) and IRA pension plans.

The increase in household income of $5,000 a year and $2,000 a year in tax cuts in three years of Trump administration vs. $400 a year in eight years of Bush administration and $900 a year in eight years of Obama administration.

The wage increases have mostly affected the low end of the wage scale with no significant increase in inflation.

This was all accomplished by the president despite obstruction by the Democrats.

Other achievements included implementing tax cuts, cutting unnecessary and punitive regulations, renegotiating unfavorable trade deals like NAFTA, China trade, etc., energy independence, strengthening the military, securing the southern border — despite never ending opposition by the open border Democrats. The Presidents also got NATO members to pay more than $100 billion year for mutual defense.

Successes in foreign and defense policy: end to ISIS caliphate, withdrawal from the $150 billion Iran deal, Paris climate deal which would have cost U.S. economy over $50 trillion and with minimal participation from major polluting states like China and India. Negotiations with North Korea.

Now are we willing to vote for a party that has done nothing to improve the lives of Americans over the great accomplishments of our president, that are promising to implement budget breaking proposals like green energy, cost $600,000 per household, Medicare for All cost more than $3 trillion a year, eliminating insurance coverage to 170 million on private plans?

Eliminating student loans $1.6 trillion to get their vote and have public take over the responsibility. (Shouldn’t the colleges be partially held responsible for debt default?) and legalizing the use of methamphetamine and cocaine, etc. Enough said.

Mark Tarvanien