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Letter to Editor: Proposed rate hike

Elvin A. Young


I have no argument that the Sierra Pacific Power Co. feels that a rate increase is necessary; however, I would like a more realistic accounting of what the power company feels is a loss of more than $125 million. Is this an actual loss or a loss based on expected earnings?

I also have a problem with what was indicated in your article in the Jan. 31 issue of a monthly increase of $6.37 for households using 650 kilowatts of power and no increase for those using 300 kilowatts or less. My questions is, who uses the amounts indicated? I have a base rate of 445 kilowatts, which I exceed on those months when I’m not even at home (electric water heater, water pump, refrigerator and freezer on at all times). I have checked with friends and neighbors and I know of no one who uses less than the amounts quoted in the article. How about indicating in a future article what the average user of electricity will pay and not some artificial quantity that to me is not what the average household uses?

As a retired individual on a fixed income, any increase in the basic costs of living is of paramount importance to me.

Elvin A. Young


Jan. 31