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Letter: The public trust

To the editor:

This is in reference to Pat Corbitt’s letter of Oct. 21. Ms. Corbitt suggests that only the incumbents have a right to continue to serve in the school district because of their experience.

Was it experience that led those incumbents to hold a meeting to approve Pendery Clark’s contract that the Attorney General’s office has ruled was an illegal action? Was it experience that taught them to act arrogantly and deny the illegality of their actions when approached by Veronica Hulsey in a board meeting?

That is the kind of experience I would like to avoid. Experience is less important to me than honesty and respect for the public trust.

No wonder Ms. Corbitt thinks the public is misinformed – we have been kept from the vital knowledge of what is going on in school board meetings while the board blatantly breaks Nevada’s Open Meeting Law. Is it experience which ensures that agendas are not posted correctly?

I think it is high time for a change in our school board. The current board has proceeded with little or no input from the community and the teachers, and when the public tries to approach them with problems, we are pooh-poohed and called “naive.”

Arrogance has no place in our local school board. Arrogance is what I see again and again.

Please, if you can’t make it to a school board meeting, at least make it to the polls. Vote for people who are watching out for the interest of our children and our public needs. Return the board to the control of real people. Make the board accountable to the people.

Vote for board candidates who are watching out for the best interests of the public, not board members who think the public doesn’t and shouldn’t know what is going on.

Michelle Trusty-Murphy


Oct. 25