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Letter: The better solution

Gigi Valenti and Steve Cote


Upon reading the articles in the current issue of the paper, I find it necessary to reply. We were surprised to read “Douglas Clerk confirms calls made about possible commissioners recall.” Some of your readers who wrote in called Mr. Dingman’s statement that he will build l15 homes and a public golf course a form of blackmail. It seems to us that the “recall” statements are the same – a form of blackmail.

After reviewing the master plan amendment, we feel it is carefully designed to protect the area by placing the homes among the trees, preserving the meadow, linking up the municipal water and power and diverting traffic from Clear Creek Road and Bavarian to Highway 50. Additionally, Mr. Dingman has committed to improve Clear Creek Road, which is something no one else has done.

To allow the amendment with 300 homes is a far better solution than 115 homes without the above conditions. This is not a “form of blackmail” since he has the right to build 115 homes without any special permits.

We feel there are many people who do not have the correct information regarding this project and the alternatives. This is, after all, private land and no one has the right to interfere with the owner’s plans.

Gigi Valenti and Steve Cote

Carson City, Clear Creek Canyon

Feb. 28