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Letter: Stem the tide

Phil Lehrman


Some of us read the Internet version of The Record-Courier as we travel around the country and the world. Too bad I can’t be in Douglas County to support my former neighbors in their struggle and endeavor to maintain their property values and quality of life that they enjoy in Douglas County at the northwest portion of the county.

I enjoyed the opinions in the Feb. 28 edition and my heart goes out to these residents who will be impacted and distressed if the plan for the Schneider Ranch materializes.

I suggest that the master plan be held to its current approval, which as we all know, went through months and months of county hearings, hours and hours of neighbor citizens efforts, to get the best plan for all.

The letter response to the changes we see in Douglas County, “Are we doomed?” by Tina Fixman and Jay Aldrich of Minden, was very appropriate. Let’s stem the tide of inappropriate and unwanted development now.

Further, let’s explore the possibility the Forest Service or another park agency will acquire it so we all enjoy it and for our future generations, including my daughters, who may well wish to share this pristine valley one day as well.

Phil Lehrman

Carson City

March 1