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Letter: State animals


The state of Nevada has a bill in its 71st legislative session, AB 219, to make the wild mustang the state animal. That’s odd. We already have a state animal – the desert bighorn sheep.

This is also odd for another reason; there are no wild mustangs left. They were killed off long ago, some with and some without the sanction of the state and some of the people in it.

If they were to make the wild horse another state animal, that would make more sense, as there are still some of those left. If this is to happen, it should be done quickly, as they are systematically being eliminated in favor of agriculture.

I can’t see the wild horse becoming a state animal, because then the state, agricultural community and the Bureau of Land Management would have to leave them alone.

Obviously, the mustang was named because they aren’t around anymore. It’s probably just a matter of image anyhow.

Pete Bachstadt

Carson City

March 17