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Letter: Say no to Wal-Mart

Matt Theilen


I was really upset by the news that Wal-Mart has purchased land in Douglas County! I don’t know who this “Red” Roberts guy is (apparently a really rich guy now), but shame on him for selling a piece of land to a corporation that virtually destroys small businesses all over the country.

The Wal-Mart Corp. is bigger than South Africa! I realize that everyone likes the convenience of going to one store and getting everything for cheaper than it really would cost to produce in the United States; however, think about all the businesses in Douglas County that would be affected by Wal-Mart’s intrusion.

We have an amazing and beautiful home. I grew up in Carson Valley and I would hate to see the place littered with strip malls instead of the independently-owned businesses and wide open space. We have an opportunity to make our home unique and to keep it pristine by just saying, “No, we don’t really need another Wal-Mart two miles down the street from the other one!”

I could go on and on about all of the horrible things that the Wal-Mart Corp. does, but everyone knows all that stuff, right? How they use their money to influence politics, (county commissioners, etc.), carry clothing made in sweatshops in third-world countries (yes, that still goes on!), etc., etc. Maybe if the only thing you know about Wal-Mart is that you can go there and get a corn dog, VCR, lawn furniture and a “Congratulations!” card for “Red,” all in one trip, maybe you should think about what the real price of having a Wal-Mart (or any other mega-corporation) around is.

Matt Theilen

Jacks Valley

Feb. 11