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Letter: Retain Raker

To the editor:

The purpose of this letter is to support the candidacy of John Raker to the Douglas County School District Board of Trustees.

We are the parents of two children whose entire school lives have taken place in Douglas County. Our two boys began their education in kindergarten at Gardnerville Elementary School, transferred to Minden Elementary School upon its completion, and our older son is now a student at Carson Valley Middle School. We have tried to be active in the school lives of our children and we believe we have an understanding as parents as to the issues presented in the public school system here in our community.

We take this opportunity, and every opportunity, to declare that our children have been blessed with very good teachers and principals thus far in their education. Since 1995, those teachers and principals have been charged with the responsibility of applying the school district’s strategic plan. We are familiar with that plan and we agree with the seven basic skill areas targeted in the plan, and it appears to us that so far in our children’s education, the plan is being implemented in a way which benefits our children. Annually, the plan is reviewed by a panel consisting of the school board and other interested citizens. This periodic review of a solid plan guarantees flexibility and adjustment where necessary to ensure that the stated beliefs, goals and strategies are given more effect than mere blurbs in a school district pamphlet.

In the past few years, we have become personally familiar with John and Maria Raker and their two children. We know John and Maria to be very active in their children’s school lives, and we have come to know John’s desire to ensure that everything which needs to be considered during our children’s public school education is getting considered. Two years ago, John volunteered to fill a vacancy on the school board for no other reason than a desire to ensure that our school system provides all that it can to all of our children. The experience he has garnered since then and the commitment he has exhibited to continue serving deserves our vote.

Our children, and all the children in the Douglas County School District, are endowed by taxpayers who rose to the occasion to support the construction of new facilities. Our children receive the direct benefit of skilled school district staff maintaining those facilities, the devotion of teachers, principals and staff involved in the daily lives of our children and the wisdom of district administrators who oversee their personnel. We are fortunate to have a panel of citizens who volunteer their time and talent to serve on the school board overseeing the entire system. John Raker appreciates the contribution each person makes to the success of our public school system. If he is re-elected, we are confident he will continue to focus on how that collective talent can best be used to serve the overall interest of the children. Please consider voting to retain John Raker on the Douglas County School District Board of Trustees.

Vicki and Evan Beavers