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Letter: Protect dark skies

by M. Tracey


I read with great delight the article by Linda Monahan on our “beautiful skies” (R-C Jan. 15) and the letter to the editor by the Hardings (R-C Jan. 19). They, as well as others, may be interested in knowing that an organization was recently formed for the purpose of educating individuals and organizations on “good neighbor” lighting. It is the Northern Nevada International Dark-Sky Association. A local Website is being developed. In the meantime, interested persons can go to http://www.darksky.org for information on light pollution and/or good lighting practices or copy the following from a letter that a number of people have been handing out to neighbors in Genoa, Carson City, Washoe Valley and Reno:

Dear Neighbor:

As Nevada continues to grow, we have become increasingly aware of the number of outdoor lights (driveway, garage, porch, street) that are left on all night. Many of these lights create a glare that is taking away our ability to see the night/early morning sky and the outline of the beautiful mountains.

We are asking everyone to please look at their outdoor lights and to turn them off when possible. Please turn floodlights so they face down and not out, use the lowest possible wattage in a non-glare bulb and use shields when appropriate. Consider lights that use motion detectors or time controls. Opaque or colored fixtures also reduce glare and light trespass.

Encourage enforcement of the Douglas County outdoor lighting ordinances and the utilization of good design standards. If you could do at least one of these things, we will not lose sight of our beautiful night sky. If you have any questions or need more information, please call me at 782-3397, Kay Rogney at 782-4592 or Barbara Woodward at 851-0115.

Maggie Tracey


Jan. 19