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Letter: Penny pinchers


Again, I am writing to question the penny-pinching motives of Messrs. Benz and Deyo (letter of March 21). If you examine the logic of these two men, you could conceivably end all public funding by taxpayer dollars of public schools and colleges, libraries, roads, hospitals, parks, senior center, civic halls, courts, museums, recreation centers and other municipal facilities that do not necessarily involve use by a large majority of the citizenry. No public facility will always have the concentration of use Messrs. Benz and Deyo would like to see. Does this mean that they should be eliminated?

I certainly would hate to have the fate of the library, Douglas High School, the senior center or the Carson Valley Swim Center in the hands of these two gentlemen. The senior center would be closed because it only is used by some seniors, who do not make up a large majority of the community. The high school would also suffer the same fate, as it is utilized by young people who also do not comprise a large majority of the residents.

We live in a community in which people have many different interests and needs. Our taxes are used to meet these needs, thus helping the community to grow. Messrs. Benz and Deyo measure the value of tax-funded facilities strictly on the number of residents who use them. However, their value should instead be measured by the benefits they provide the community. The Carson Valley Swim Center benefits the youngsters who use it by providing them with an environment that promotes exercise, team work, leadership skills and a healthy outlet for their minds and bodies. Older residents with physical problems benefit because they can use the heated, therapeutic pool. Others use the exercise equipment or swim for good health. Instead of constantly seeking to denigrate the motives and existence of this valuable community resource, we should seek to recognize the valuable contributions this pool offers all of us.

I wonder if Messrs. Benz and Deyo can find something positive to say about any tax-funded facility in our area, or is penny-pinching their only need?

Harold Zaroff


March 21