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Letter: Nothing to hide

To the editor:

A funny thing happened while I was at The Record-Courier last week.

I was at the paper, typing the material for the bi-monthly Kids Scene edition. I asked a few of the staff if they were going to be attending the upcoming school district (Dr. Clark) and school board members’ meeting with Scarselli Elementary School staff on Thursday, Nov. 2. These R-C staff members told me that they were not invited to the meeting. In fact, they were asked by the district to come to the first meeting, held earlier this month at another school, but the day after the invitation, the paper was told that they were “uninvited” to the meeting.

This action made me wonder: Does the district think that teachers won’t feel comfortable with a reporter present? I, for one, am not uncomfortable having a reporter present. I don’t have anything to hide. I can still ask my questions. I can have open communication with a reporter in attendance.

I questioned the Open Meeting Law. A reporter at the paper told me that because there were only two school board members present at the meetings, this type of meeting didn’t fall under the same category as, say, a school board meeting. Hmmm – The Scholastic Children’s Dictionary defines a meeting as: “An arranged event in which people come together, often to discuss something.” Seems like the meeting on Thursday, Nov. 2, fits this description.

I continue to be amazed at what appears to be a closed-door policy when it comes to the school district. What a shame!

Martha Framsted

1998 Douglas County Teacher of the Year

Oct. 30