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Letter: Keep us special

Brian K. Williams


Every age has its conventional wisdom, and the c.w. of 21st century America seems to be “growth is good.”

Growth, say the cheerleaders, will bring more services, more jobs, a broader tax base. So, bring on the Carson City bypass, the big-box stores, the upscale subdivisions, the golf courses. Look at us, we ain’t a little dinky cow county anymore, we’re a civilized suburban community!

Thus, I found it illuminating that The Record-Courier’s breathless growth-celebrating Feb. 17 editorial, “Way to Go,” should happen to appear alongside Markleeville resident Nancy Thornburg’s letter, “Enough!” Talk about two clear points of view!

I agree with everything Ms. Thornburg said: “What is happening in the Carson Valley is all too reminiscent of what happened to much of California.” We are indeed framing the decisions that will determine whether we will become a Reno-Carson-Douglas megalopolis, with, as she says, “freeways and gridlock and air pollution and road rage and everything everyone is moving here to get away from.”

It’s time for Record-Courier editorial writers to look at the sad experience of mindless growth in California and to begin championing the strong anti-megalopolis sentiments of many of its readers. We have something special here in Douglas County. And it’s very easy to let it slip away.

Brian K. Williams


Feb. 17