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Letter: Keep it up


It is with interest that I read all the letters regarding the swimming pool. I realize that a board elected by the people is not bonded by the promises made to the people who originally voted to bond the swimming pool. However, I do think they at least have a moral obligation to attempt to follow the promises made.

For those who do not remember, the voters were promised that after the beginning expenses there would be extra funds generated by maintenance taxes and the first thing the pool would do would be to pay the initial loan so they would save taxpayers money. Apparently, that is not the philosophy of the current board, as they seem to look for ways to spend taxpayer money rather than pay the loan off first.

The second promise that was made to the county commissioners was an overhead walkway when needed so the children could cross the highway safely. I guess it still is not needed!

There also was discussion of putting the pool in the Ranchos since that was where the majority of the children lived. But that did not happen. Now we are talking of building a second pool in the Ranchos. Or are we? Maybe we are just going to add to the existing facility where no children can walk to the pool safely!

I can understand all taxpayers paying taxes to build a swimming pool; however, I do believe the users should pay for the general maintenance. The statement made that 80 percent of the taxpayers are subsidizing the 20 percent who use the pool is correct.

For those who remember the old pool, it was packed wall to wall with kids every day of the summer. I do not see that to be the case with the new pool.

I, for one, thank Mr. Benz for asking questions and trying to inform the taxpayers as to what is going on since there is not much coverage of the swimming pool board meetings.

And, do I think they should spend taxpayer money on more exercise equipment? No! How many kids use that equipment?

Thank you, Mr. Benz. Keep it up!

Jerry J. Bing


March 28