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Letter: Just pick it up


Most of the people whom I have talked to live here because of the beauty of the mountains and desert. I walk in the desert and mountains frequently and I think they should be pristine areas reflecting the perfect design of nature. I have been living here for just over a year now and I am amazed at the amount of bottles and cans that are thrown in the desert. As I walk or even drive, I am confronted with litter, beer cans, bottles, plastic bags on bushes, plastic shotgun shells, beds, couches, lawn mowers and all manner of household items.

Is it not prudent to use the same rule that most backpackers use – you pack it in, you pack it out? My father taught me that when you leave a camping area you should, at the very least, take your own garbage out and preferably take something else so you leave it cleaner than when you came. Why is camping any different than using open spaces?

The worst piece of garbage, in my opinion, is aluminum cans. Most other stuff will break down in a hundred years or so, but not aluminum. It will be with us forever.

Why not use the garbage collection system that is in place or haul it to the dump. The dump fees are extremely reasonable. Another question that comes up is, why is it that Nevada does not have recycling?

I implore you all to carry out something – cans, bottles, shotgun shells or plastic – rather than leave them there for animals to ingest and those of us who like to use open spaces for walking, riding, running, biking or just driving through to trip over as though we were walking in a dump! So, carry a bag and just pick it up!

Darlene Landis

March 16