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Letter: I give up, NPR

The following was addressed to David Gordon, KUNR station manager, and submitted to the R-C as a letter to the editor:

I am glad that you have had such a long tenure as a manager as I tell you my discontent. NPR-KUNR has been sucked into the downward spiral of numbing and dumbing, a trend you can’t reverse and one I don’t want to abet at 76. It started for me when you had to drop the Sunday programs of classical music and commentary -“The Record Shelf” and “A Note to You” – because of low numbers. I hung on for a while, but gave up when your Sundays featured baritone-voiced women describing atrocities like the Pakistani punishment for adultery – stoning the woman to death -or discussing the physical progress of starvation with no more animation than an automaton. I had planned to write a protest at that time, since the scandal of Pakistani use of child labor in carpet making was beginning to reach the public. That would have been a significant story, but still within the traditional interest for women and fitting for Sunday, the day for special programming to quietly religious listeners.

I despair of the highly-paid women who deserted their nurturing role to ape men for the bigger buck, shoulder to shoulder at political press conferences and kicking their way into the locker room of hockey teams. The prediction had been that women would bring a change of fare. It has not happened. Instead, the thinning of our culture is accelerating. As was dramatized in Greek tragedy, we have within us the flaws that will bring on our destruction. That is the irony in every republic. Please save your postage and remove me from your fund-raising lists.

With sincere regrets and the hope that you may recover some of your unique quality in programs and personnel.

Selma Calnan


March 26