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Letter: Good karma


I have now lived in the Gardnerville/Minden area for two years after coming down from the Lake, and I love it here. I am totally in my element. I plan to live here the rest of my life and one day hope to have ranch land. I live here for the beauty of the land, as I’m sure other people do, so I am hoping others will read this and help.

I work off Pinenut Road at the end of Gardnerville. The drive to my work would be beautiful except for all of the garbage on the side of the road. I feel bad for the Great Basin Equine Center and the ranch with all the beautiful horses right next to it. There is trash everywhere that blows into their properties. I turn off Pinenut just beyond that. I can’t imagine what it looks like farther up.

I attribute this to the people taking their trash to the dump that have not properly wrapped it up in the back of their pickups. Come on, people. You live here, too I know you notice all the trash on the road. Do your part to help. It’s not the responsibility of the businesses or the homes on Pinenut to pick up your mess.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank a nameless woman who walks along Pinenut Road (for exercise) and picks up trash on her walks. We could all learn a lesson from her. If we all work together before it gets too bad, we will have a nicer community to live in. Again, thank you to the woman who has “true” good karma.

Shelley Alexander


March 22