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Letter: Do we need a tram?


Some day, we may look back and say, “Douglas County used to be a nice place.” And also, “What were they thinking when they approved that tram going up Kingsbury Grade?”

Remember Cannery Row in Monterey, Calif.? It used to be a great place, too, a fine area to visit for restaurants and fishing and local history. Then, in late 1984, the Monterey Bay Aquarium opened at the south end. To be sure, it’s a magnificent aquarium, but now the traffic on Cannery Row and indeed the whole Monterey Peninsula is hideous.

So, yes, as reported in your March 24 article, Douglas County Commissioner Steve Weissinger is right: Probably a great many of the residents (including me) who would be affected by the proposed gondola from the Carson Valley to Stateline won’t support an amendment to the master plan to allow it.

And I suggest Commissioner Don Miner needs to reexamine his enthusiasm that the plan is not dead. I can’t imagine that having to deal with up to 4,000 tram riders an hour is going to make our lives better than what we have now, even if it does provide 2,000 new jobs and additional tax revenue.

This morning I saw a beaver swimming in the river near Genoa Lane.

Last night a fox came on my back deck to eat some bird food we’d left out. I doubt they and similar wildlife will stick around once the Kingsbury Funitel is here.

Brian K. WIlliams


March 26