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Letter: Dems and tax cuts


Sen. Reid (3/3/01) and his “responsible” tax cuts speaks more to the Democrat belief of “that’s our money, not yours” than it does to any semblance of fiscal responsibility. Bear in mind that over a four-decade period, the Democrats, with wasteful spending, caused the enormous deficit and never once did they advance a balanced budget proposition, but here they are now lecturing the Republicans on fiscal responsibility. Figures.

With the Republican-controlled Congress, we got a balanced budget – over Reid opposition – and the Democrats’ corrupt leader vetoed every attempt at tax cuts. Sen. Reid, the lawyer, is now telling the M.B.A. president, along with two professors in economics (Rep. Armey and Sen. Gramm), that they are economic idiots. The simple fact is there would not be any tax cut debate with the tax-and-spend-o-crats in charge. As a final note for those who scream deficit reduction, if government paid it all off in one fell swoop, they would also pay the bond holders a substantial penalty. Let the newly found sanity have its say.

Vernon M. Latshaw


March 5