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Letter: Bing pit issues


After a year of bitter controversy over the enforcement of the 1994 and conditional 2000 special use permits (SUP) for expansion and operation of the Bing pit, the county commissioners have declared a special meeting to hear the complaints of the surrounding residents Thursday at 6 p.m. in the old county courthouse ,1616 8th Street, Minden. While there are many issues to discuss, the major issues on the agenda are:

1. The authorized maximum depth of the pit under the SUPs.

2. The elevations of the four corners of the pit.

3. The elevations at the bottom of the pit.

4. The elevation of the top of the pond in the southwest corner of the pit and the elevation of the bottom of the pond.

5. Issues regarding a ground water contamination monitoring program and the probable penetration of the water table in violation of the 1994 SUP.

6. The 30-year period granted for reclamation of the pit despite its operation since 1971 and contrary to Title 20.664.130 of the county code, which requires that reclamation activities be phased with respect to the mining operation.

7. Other relevant matters relating to the operation of the pit include the 15-foot-high berms of dirt on the northern side of the pit, blocking the view of the Monarch Lane residents and subjecting them to huge quantities of blowing dirt in high winds. All people affected by the operation of the pit who live on Monarch Lane or Manhattan Way, in Chambers Field or Pleasantview or who have an interest in this matter are encouraged to attend the meeting.

Robert E. Havranek, President

Pleasantview Homeowners Association

and other owners who reside in or on Monarch

Lane, Manhattan Way and Chambers Field

March 12