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Letter: Approve amendment

Pat Riggs


As one of the Douglas County property owners directly impacted by this project, I would like to make the following comments.

I have met with Mr. Dingman on two occasions at which he explained the project and addressed the environmental impact it would have on the area. At the second meeting, he answered my concerns and agreed to a few changes, especially those that impact the meadow and Clear Creek Road. I was impressed with his spirit of cooperation and ability to make whatever changes necessary to alleviate those problems.

I have been appalled in reading the articles in the papers by people not directly affected by this development and apparently who did no research in an effort to ascertain the facts. I question if they were in contact with Mr. Dingman at all. For instance, did they see that the meadow would be preserved, the protection of the viewshed of the homes to be built, the control of traffic from the immediate area by the construction of a road to Highway 50, the infusion of funds to help repair Clear Creek Road, to mention just a few points?

In order to keep this property as close to its natural state as possible and to preserve Clear Creek Canyon, I feel it is imperative that the amendment to the master plan be granted so that Mr. Dingman’s original plan for 300 units can go forward.

In my closing statement, I would like to bring to the attention of all that this has been private land. I have lived in Douglas County on Clear Creek Road for 20 years and knew Harry Schneider. Mr. Schneider always had “no trespassing” signs posted around this property – so, yes, it was private property.

Finally, I urge approval of the amendment to the master plan.

Pat Riggs

Carson City

Feb. 28