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Letter: Adopt a pet

To the editor:

It is with despair that I again must write about the Douglas County Animal Shelter. We are FULL! There are currently 22 very sad and lonely canine residents. Each and every one is highly adoptable and brimming with love.

We at the Douglas Animal Welfare Group (D.A.W.G.) are doing everything possible to alert the community of this precarious situation. It must be understood that our shelter has space limitation D there are only 22 kennels available. When the shelter is filled to capacity, a viable, loving and innocent dog must surrender his life and its potential to make room for a lost pet or abandoned stray.

Last year, our shelter pragmatically operated as a “No-Kill” facility, thanks to the tremendous efforts of our wonderful humane officers, kennel technicians and the D.A.W.G. volunteers. We must once again embrace this goal for 2002 and ask that our community open its homes for a new “best friend.”

This is the perfect moment to adopt. Our country is at war, the economy is unsettled and our lives are plagued with uncertainty and chaos, so why not consciously choose to fill your home with love? The undying friendship that will bless your life far outweighs any latent inconvenience that a new “family member” might impose. Everyone needs a cuddly friend who will listen implicitly, wholly sympathize with your problems and offer genuine, heartfelt kisses. Please consider giving a joyful life to a shelter dog; he will reciprocate your love until the day he dies.

If you are absolutely unable to open your home, perhaps you would contemplate sponsoring a shelter dog to be spayed or neutered. You can also bring treats, toys or milk bones to the shelter, enhancing the quality of their daily existence. Any gift of humanity will be greatly appreciated.

In honor of Martin Luther King Day, we at D.A.W.G. are sponsoring a “Freedom Drive” on Jan. 20 and 21 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Douglas County Animal Shelter.

You are warmly invited to “emancipate” one of our homeless dogs through adoption. Our objective is to liberate from homelessness every single dog in the shelter. We have a dream that the Douglas County Animal Shelter will one day house only lost dogs, due to the actuality that abandoned and abused dogs will no longer exist in our community.

Please plan to attend the “Freedom Drive.” We will have cookies, punch, coffee and discounts available on adoption spay and neuter fees. We desperately need your help. If you have any questions, please call 782-8087.

Suzy Bolding

Jan. 11