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Let’s not wait for more accidents

Staff reports

It’s chilling to contemplate that one of the biggest factors against a traffic light at the busy intersection of Highway 88 and County Road in Minden is the lack of serious injury accidents or fatalities.

The corner is shared by the Carson Valley Swim Center, the East Fork Fire and Paramedic districts and a busy professional building. Douglas High School, with a population of 1,400 students, is a few hundred yards north, and its parking lots funnel students to that junction. A day care center and the public library are nearby, as well as other professional offices.

The need for a signal has been a concern of the Town of Minden for several years. It’s not a question of money. All the neighbors have willingly contributed toward the estimated $150,000 to $200,000 a signal would cost.

Douglas High School Principal Charlie Condron, assisted by concerned parents and others, is renewing the call for a traffic signal or a four-way stop sign before someone is killed or seriously injured.

It may be a question of “warrants,” or the actual problems vs. the perceived problems. But any driver or pedestrian who tries to navigate the intersection during rush hour or immediately after school would doubt Nevada Department of Transportation figures that there aren’t enough warrants.

Another factor contributing to the dangerous intersection is the high number of inexperienced drivers who pour in and out of Douglas High School twice a day and at lunchtime. Couple that with older, impatient motorists trying to maneuver through the traffic and the road construction and it is, indeed, an accident waiting to happen.

With the increasing traffic to and from Carson City, the situation is not going to improve.

We urge NDOT to act before the life of a community member is factored into the cost.