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Let these trees be a lesson for future

Record Courier Staff Reports

It is sad to see old Valley residents pass on. It will be especially so for those venerable old residents of Toler Road, who’ve inhabited the Stodick property for a good portion of the last century.

Those ancient cottonwoods have seen the Valley around them change from open range to fenced farm land to homes in the last 100 years.

They watched the farming family grow up, prosper and live their lives under their shade.

They offered a challenge to youngsters who scaled their mighty trunks and held tea parties on hot days under their cool green umbrellas.

They weathered mighty storms that snapped their smaller brethren like twigs and brought low the efforts of men around them.

They are living things and they nurtured living things in their branches.

But like any living thing they are mortal and will inevitably meet their ends. There is a protest afoot to save them from the ax, but nothing will save them from time.

For like all of us, they will one day fall whether by human hand or nature’s power.

It is a hard way to learn a lesson about life and nature, but it is a lesson that must be learned. Trees, no matter how historical, do not live forever. And our Valley, no matter how many signatures we gather, is going to change significantly.

Now is the time to channel our energies into finding those things we want to save while they can still be saved.

It is too late for the Toler trees, but it may not be too late for us to rescue something valuable for those who inherit this special place from us.