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Leave the bees alone


For those who don’t know it, there is a large tree in Minden Park where thousands of honey bees have entered a hole in its trunk and are actively making a natural hive. This is an interesting and rare sight. These bees have been coming and going with pollen from the many flowers in the park for well over a year now.

The big problem is, someone has taken it upon himself to seal up their hive entrance with silicone! Who is so stupid? These bees are a wonder of nature and do not bother anyone. The fact is, bees are what pollinate our trees and flowers. Pesticides and other pollutants have been killing all our bees for many years now. We definitely don’t need some ignorant person unnecessarily killing the bees in Minden Park!

We are going to try to re-open the hive entrance. Hopefully it’s not too late.

Debbie Mason