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Leave Jobs Peak alone

Until we read the letter Steve Hechtman wrote to the Forest Service about a repeater tower on Jobs Peak, it never occurred to us that a proposed radio tower at Jobs Peak would be the first nose in the tent.

The U.S. Forest Service is proposing to erect a transmitter station at the top of the iconic mountain.

Jobs Peak was named for Moses Job, who moved to Carson Valley in 1854 and had a ranch at the mountain’s base.

It’s a little surprising that in the past century of electronic communications, the mountain hasn’t been a more popular target for transmitter towers.

But as Hechtman pointed out in his letter, appearing in today’s opinion page, once a transmitter is successfully placed on the peak, what’s to stop others to follow.

Why not put a cell tower up there? Certainly it would provide coverage for great swaths of the Sierra and Western Nevada.

We don’t actually think that’s a good idea, for the same reason we oppose any other towers on the peak overlooking most of Carson Valley.

Jobs Peak represents one of the great unspoiled places in what is still a relatively wild region of the country.

It is a connection to our heritage of explorers, pioneers and settlers, who made this Nevada’s first community.

There are lots of peaks above Carson Valley, and some of them are already home to towers of some sort.

Let the Forest Service plant their transmitter on one of those and leave Jobs Peak be.