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Learning responsibility


On Aug. 1 at approximately 9:30 in the evening a vehicle ran off of Highway 395 across from Les Scwab Tire and went through 135 feet of wire fencing on our property. A witness stopped to assist the driver but the young girl stated she was 17 and she was OK and would go home to tell her dad and that they would call to tell us about the damage.

She then drove off in what has been described as a gold Mitsubishi with temporary plates with barbed wire wrapped around the axle. The witness called the sheriffs office and a deputy filed a report. We have not heard from the driver or her father.

I’m sure people don’t realize that the fence is our responsibility and that we can’t just leave it the way it is now as we do put livestock in those fields and we are required to keep them off the highway.

The fence repair has been estimated at $1,620. The money is really not the issue for me but the fact that a young driver would leave the scene and that her parents would not require her to come forward.

This would seem to me to be a perfect time for her to learn responsible driving as well as responsibility for her actions.

Kathi Hussman