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Learning about Douglas


Who’s in charge in Douglas County? Why aren’t those potholes being fixed?

Where is a safe place for the kids to play after school? Why do we need building permits? Where is there help to care for our aging and ailing parents? Where’s a deputy sheriff when you need one? The answers to these and other questions are a part of the Leadership Douglas County class.

As a participant in the 2010 leadership class, I have met legislators, community service organization leaders, public and private school administrators and business leaders. I learned about our agricultural roots and history, while developing working friendships with the future leaders of Douglas County.

The program provides a chance to become part of the solution by showing the many ways to participate in shaping the future of Douglas County.

My experience with the leadership class leads me to offer my recommendation to sign up for the 2011 class now. You and Douglas County will be glad you did.

Katherine Winans

Saratoga Springs