Laundry owners predated the war |

Laundry owners predated the war


Your Friday article said the laundry passed through various hands until Joe took it over in 1950.

The Nishikidas were there prior to World War II, I don’t know exactly when they came. Mac, one of their sons, was in the eighth grade in Gardnerville when the war broke out, I was in the seventh grade. I remember the principal addressing the classes stating Mac was an American of Japanese ancestry – the key was we were Americans. That settled the issue. Mac graduated from Douglas High School in about 1945. I walked home from school every day past the laundry.

Joe was an Army veteran – Italian campaign – later stationed in Germany. Mac also entered the Army around 1945 or 1946. Mac moved back to Gardnerville about 10 years ago, and lived in the house next to the laundry. He died about 12 to 15 months ago.

The family was in the laundry business at the location prior to 1950, as mentioned in the article – had to be in the late 1930s. Joe’s son David still lives in the Valley, his name is in the 2009-2010 phone directory.

Ron Lange


Editor’s Note: Dave Nishikida is indeed living in Carson Valley where he serves as a Douglas County District Court bailiff and is a trustee on the East Fork Swimming Pool District.