Lands bill goes forward |

Lands bill goes forward

The introduction of the Douglas County Lands Bill into the Senate was welcome news in Carson Valley on Tuesday.

We’ve been watching the progress of the bill since it was first conceived back in 2009.

At the time, Jacques Etchegoyhen said that going with a lands bill was a way for Douglas to have some say about what happens with the substantial portion of the county that is under federal control.

But not long after news of the bill being introduced hit the Web site The Record-Courier received a note asking if there was anyone who opposed the bill.

Having been to a substantial number of meetings and having heard from a variety of people about the bill, we know that there are concerns with the proposal to convert the Burbank Canyon Wilderness Study Area on the east slope of the Pine Nuts into wilderness.

We know from the Lyon County lands bill that has progressed through Congress that a wilderness component is part of the price of admission for this process, and rather than having to go back and

In an effort to deal with concerns from off-highway vehicle folks and Smith Valley residents, hopefully it’s clear that we don’t want that wilderness area to expand any more than they do. Both roads on the outskirts of the area will remain open, and there won’t be any restrictions, that aren’t there right now.

We know one Smith Valley resident who’s all in, and that’s Sen. Dean Heller, who introduced the bill.

Bringing a lands bill to this point has been a process, but that next step through Congress is a doozy. Here’s hoping we get a lands bill that everyone can live with.