Lands bill could be lost in the Pine Nuts |

Lands bill could be lost in the Pine Nuts

We think Douglas County proponents of a federal lands bill should be concerned that it could become lost in the Pine Nuts.

The lands bill as proposed includes nearly 13,000 acres of wilderness located along the county’s eastern boundary, just above Upper Colony Road in Smith Valley.

While the area is in Douglas County, it’s real access to the public is through Smith Valley where some residents have expressed a concern about the proposal.

We believe that an effort has been made to reach out to those folks, but it may require bending over backwards for them before we bring the bill to a vote in the county commission.

This bill comes at a time when a large portion of Nevada’s congressional delegation is intimately familiar with both Douglas and Lyon counties.

We know that Sen. Dean Heller, who has a ranch in Smith Valley, knows the Burbank Canyon area. Rep. Mark Amodei grew up in Carson City, and is a member of a longtime Northern Nevada family.

We believe that if Lyon County commissioners decide Douglas is taking liberties, that they won’t hesitate to come down against the lands bill.

In such an instance, we think the state’s congressional delegation would have to shut the entire effort down.