Landmark goes on auction |

Landmark goes on auction

We believe Sharkey’s was Carson Valley’s first real casino.

It has been 43 years since Sharkey Begovich purchased the old Golden Bubble and turned that corner into a landmark.

Everyone in Carson Valley has been waiting for a certain moment to find out what would happen with Sharkey’s.

That moment came and went 1 p.m. Thursday as a handful of bystanders gathered at the Douglas County Judicial & Law Enforcement Building watched as no one came forward to purchase the Gardnerville landmark.

There were no bidders for the property, which was pretty good news for those who think Carson Valley Inn owner Mike Pegram will do for Gardnerville’s casino what he has done for Minden’s.

He’s not taking on an easy task. We agree that Sharkey’s is an icon, that’s why we refer to it as a landmark.

We know for a fact that having the casino open will have a huge positive impact on downtown.

Sharkey’s dominates downtown Gardnerville and having it up and running is critical to the town’s continued economic health.

Pegram already has workers employed inside Sharkey’s, which bodes well for its reopening.

There is no word when that will happen, but unlike the darkened windows that now greet would-be visitors to the casino, it offers new hope that it will once again be the centerpiece of Gardnerville.

We know that Mike Pegram is familiar with Sharkey’s and applaud Thursday’s developments.