Know your neighbor |

Know your neighbor

It has been more than a quarter century since Douglas County’s last double homicide, and that one couldn’t be more different than what we’ve experienced over the past week.

In 1992, two Holbrook Junction men were found shot dead in a trailer in the small park west of Highway 395.

Bernard Remley and a Reno resident John Andersen were killed on March 26 by Frank Bocfoeldy, who had been living with Remley.

Bocfoeldy was a suspect early on in the case, as he and a pickup Andersen had driven down had disappeared.

Ten days after the shooting, Bocfoeldy himself died by the sword, when he shot it out with a Montana Highway Patrol officer. He got in the first shot, but despite being hit, she returned fire and killed him.

We agree with Sheriff Dan Coverley that the recent homicides are different from anything we’ve experienced in Carson Valley.

For the past week, residents, and particularly women living alone, have been warned to lock their doors and dial 911 if someone they don’t know arrives on their stoop. While the two homicides were within a mile of one another, people across the Valley have expressed fear. Sheriff’s deputies have swarmed calls where strangers were reported where they shouldn’t be.

We believe that if we act as a community we can help deputies find the perpetrator of these slayings.

Stay in contact with friends and neighbors. Residents know who belongs in their neighborhoods better than anyone else. It’s a cliché because it’s true: If you see something, say something. We can be safe by banding together to protect our vulnerable neighbors.