Kids learn about flying |

Kids learn about flying


Unless you are the proud parent of a sixth-grader in one of the Douglas County elementary schools, you missed something very special this week. All of the 463 sixth-grade students were given the opportunity to learn about aviation and Minden-Tahoe Airport. The Sports Aviation Foundation in fulfilling the education component of their mission hosted this three-day event, and along with Wolf Aviation Foundation, provided funding to cover the transportation expenses to and from the schools.

Nine separate educational stations including volunteers from Care Flight, Civil Air Patrol, Soaring NV, Hutt Aviation, and many interested local pilots and aviation enthusiasts guided students through learning experiences in weather, airport operation, glider and power plane mechanics, aviation career opportunities and the joys of flying. We welcome the involvement and encouragement of the community in efforts of the Sports Aviation Foundation to enhance the science, technology, engineering and mathematics education goals in our schools and extend an opportunity to community members to become members and join us in our endeavors.

Gerie Stanko

Board member

Sports Aviation Foundation