Kids get hopping in attempt to break record |

Kids get hopping in attempt to break record

by Caryn Haller

Students at Meneley Elementary School got a jumpstart to the day Wednesday as they participated in one minute of jumping jacks in an international attempt to break the Guinness World Record for “The Most People Doing Jumping Jacks in a 24-Hour Period.”

At noon on Tuesday, First Lady Michelle Obama kicked off the attempt at the White House as part of her “Let’s Move in School” initiative. To break the record, more than 20,000 people worldwide needed to complete the jumping jacks between noon Tuesday and noon Wednesday.

Ellen Lucas teaches physical education at Meneley and Pinon Hills, and organized the attempts there.

“I wanted to do this activity to focus on the need for all of us to be more physically active in a relatively sedentary world,” she said. “I started this year teaching my students about the One Hour Rule, meaning that they should be active for at least one hour every day for adequate physical fitness. I hope this will help raise the level of awareness in Douglas County.”

Leah Tsuchimoto, 8, enjoys exercising and was excited to take part in the attempt.

“If we break the most jumping jacks record I’ll be really happy,” she said. “I think we’ll be able to do it.”

Parent Myla Murphy encourages her 6-year-old daughter, Sage Tinajero, to stay active through playing basketball.

“I like doing jumping jacks. I think I can do 10 in one minute,” Sage said.

Madison English, 11, had her jumping jacks goal set at 200.

“It’s actually kind of a prize to be in it (record-breaking attempt),” Madison said. “It makes you feel good if you’re good at something.”

Meneley school counselor Stacy Harrell agreed with Madison.

“It’s a big thing for kids. It’s something they get to accomplish, and that’s huge for children,” Harrell said. “I think genuinely children like to be active, and this was a perfect thing for them to do.”

After the 439 students at Meneley completed their jumping jacks, they were a little out of breath, but all smiles.

First-grade teacher Becky Tupa was proud of her students.

“It was a great idea. They need to get moving,” she said. “We had a slowdown in the middle, but they picked back up.”

Along with Meneley, Carson Valley Middle School, Pinon Hills Elementary and Scarselli Elementary School participated in the attempt.

Pinon Hills reported 440 students jumped there.

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