Kid-friendly, American citizen approved |

Kid-friendly, American citizen approved

by Sharlene Irete

Gardnerville resident Janie Johnson’s book, “Don’t Take My Lemonade Stand – An American Philosophy,” was written in response to her 10-year-old son’s question, “How do I know who to vote for?”

“I wanted to make sure he knew how important a principled and informed vote would be,” said Johnson. “They grow up so fast. He’ll be voting soon.”

Johnson said she started to research the question, but found there weren’t any books written on the subject. Her personal research resulted in the writing of “Don’t Take My Lemonade Stand,” her book on what she calls commonsense conservatism.

Johnson said commonsense conservatism is explained with parables, and that the lemonade stand represents free-market capitalism. Illustrator Roy Wilson created 51 illustrations for the book.

“We wanted to make it kid-friendly. I wanted to help them develop their own philosophy of life,” Johnson said. “It’s geared toward middle school readers, but it can be a reminder for all Americans to remember why America is great.

“Or to the adults who had a bad history teacher and didn’t explain things, this book is for them,” she said. “Get engaged and informed. Do something about it.”

Johnson lives in Gardnerville with her husband Ray and their sons sixth-grader Sam, middle schoolers Michael and Patrick, and Douglas High School student Matthew.

“I took the kids’ input every step of the way,” she said. “No one in the family agrees 100 percent, but I want them to think for themselves.”

Johnson was interviewed for Fox Business News even before the book was published on Sept. 1. She’s since appeared on more than 50 radio shows including “The Roger Hedgecock Show” on the Radio America network, the Lars Larson “Right on the Left Coast” radio show, and “The Monica Crowley Show,” and will appear on Fox’s “Hannity” on Oct. 27.

“Hannity selecting me is a pretty big deal. I’m very honored,” she said.

Johnson holds book signing events, noon to 2 p.m. Saturday at Border’s in the Carson Valley Plaza on Topsy Lane, Carson City, and 1-3 p.m. Oct. 9 at the Reno Border’s, 4995 S. Virginia St.

“Don’t Take My Lemonade Stand – An American Philosophy,” A Prescription for our Corrupt, Rigged, Flawed, and Squeezed Political System by Janie Johnson, American Citizen, is available for sale from her website,, and from

“‘Don’t Take My Lemonade Stand – An American Philosophy’ has special sections to help parents teach their kids to think for themselves. Use it to take control of who teaches our kids and what they are being taught.

The path to peace and prosperity is described in these pages.

The issues are critical, and the time to take back Our Country is now!”